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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are going full steam ahead. Read our guide for how to bet on the world's biggest sporting event right here in South Africa!

Download Playabets Fixtures and Results


Want the latest Playabets fixtures to view on your phone or desktop? Get the full list of daily soccer fixtures delivered to your email inbox every morning with betting odds from leagues around the world.

Below are instructions for how to get Playabets fixtures emailed to you, plus where to find fixtures and the latest results on their site.

Playabets Soccer Fixtures Download

Get the Playabets soccer fixtures sent to your email every day for free. Fill out this form to join the Playabets fixtures mailing list, so you'll never miss out again. Now you can wake up every morning looking forward to the latest Playabets soccer fixtures arriving in your inbox!

Why get the Playabets Fixtures delivered?

Having the latest Playabets soccer fixtures in your email means you can view them in your own time without using airtime or data. Knowing which team is playing when makes it so much easier to find potential betting opportunities in upcoming matches. Maybe a team in goal-scoring form is facing a leaky defence, or there's an upcoming derby you simply have to get involved in. Whichever exciting matches are scheduled in your favourite leagues, you'll be able to get your bets ready every week!

Analysing Playabets Soccer Fixtures 

The soccer fixtures you'll get sent by Playabets list the kick-off times and betting odds for matches across several international leagues. On the list of Playabets soccer fixtures is the Date, Time and Code/Coupon for each scheduled match across a selection of international leagues. Displayed under Team 1 (Home), Draw and Team 2 (Away) are the Match Winner odds. To see the full list of betting markets available for each fixture, visit the Playabets site on your desktop or mobile.

Get Fixtures from the Playabets site

If you happen to be browsing the Playabets site or your daily email hasn't arrived yet, you can also get fixtures for soccer and other sports online. Visit Playabets from your desktop and click Coupons in the top right corner of the page. You can also click this link and go directly to the Coupon page. Here you'll find not only soccer but also daily fixtures for sports like ice hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball and more.

Create your own Playabets Coupon

On the Playabets site, there's a feature that lets you create your own coupon (fixtures list) based on your preferences. For example, if you want to see the betting odds for Goals in all the German soccer leagues you can create a coupon with only these markets. You can also create a coupon for a single football match with betting odds for all the available markets or a custom coupon that is date-specific. This flexibility is great and we hope that soon you'll be able to do it all Data Free at Playabets!

How to Download Playabets Fixtures from your email

Once your Playabets fixtures have arrived in your email inbox, you'll need to download them to your phone or desktop.

Here's how to download your Playabets fixtures:

  • Go to your email inbox on your phone or computer.
  • Click to open your fixtures email from Playabets.
  • Scroll to find the .PDF attachment within the email.
  • Click to open or tap the arrow to download the file to view it later.
  • Go to your Downloads folder to find the file at any time or go back to your email inbox and click to reopen it.

Where to Find Playabets Results

Live scores are available on the Playabets site. To see the latest results, click on Statistics at the top of the homepage. To view older results, click the back arrow on the date bar once the live score page opens.

Get Playabets Fixtures for today

Now planning your bets ahead of time is as easy as signing up to get weekly soccer fixtures from Playabets. You can download Playabets fixtures to your phone or PC in just a few clicks. Or get the fixtures you need on the Playabets Coupon page where you can also create your own coupons for specific sports, leagues and betting markets.

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