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Lucky Numbers in South Africa | How to Start Playing and Find Ways to Win

Get Your Greece Powerball Lucky Numbers

(Without the bonus ball)

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Gone are the days when playing the lottery meant you had to visit a shop and buy a physical ticket. The betting sites we'll tell you about here allow you to bet on any lottery in the world from your phone. All you need to do is sign up with an online bookmaker like Betway or Hollywoodbets to start playing Lucky Numbers and winning today. It's that easy!

Below we answer all your questions about Lucky Numbers. You’ll learn how these games work, why they are better than playing the Lotto, the different types of Lucky Numbers bets available and how to see if you’ve won.

Lucky Numbers Betting in South Africa

Lucky Numbers are lottery betting games involving official draws happening daily around the world. Unlike a standard lottery, Lucky Numbers betting is based on fixed-odds which means your payout is determined at the time you place your bet, not after the draw is complete.

When you bet on Lucky Numbers with a bookmaker, you don't buy an actual lottery ticket. Instead, you predict any number of outcomes associated with the draw. The bookmaker then uses the official draw results to see whether you won or lost, and pays you out accordingly.

Why play Lucky Numbers?

There are many reasons why playing Lucky Numbers with a reputable bookmaker like Betway or Hollywoodbets is better than buying a ticket for the South African Lotto or Powerball. 

Here are some reasons you should start betting on lotteries with a bookmaker instead of buying Lotto tickets:


In South Africa, you can only play the Lotto four times a week. Whereas with Lucky Numbers, you can bet on 160 international lotteries no matter where you live. With lottery draws happening all hours of the day, you always get to decide when you want to play.


With Lucky Numbers, you can choose how many numbers you want to predict and also make other bets based on the draw. For instance, you can bet on only one number will come up or the colour of the first ball.


Usually, the more people that correctly predict the same numbers in a lottery, the less money each player wins. But with Lucky Numbers, fixed-odds mean payouts are the same no matter how many winners there are.

Where to Bet on Lucky Numbers in South Africa

As lottery betting has grown in popularity in South Africa, more online bookmakers have added Lucky Numbers to their selection of betting games. The range of available lotteries varies across bookmakers but popular draws you'll find include the UK 49's, Greece Powerball, US Megamillions and SA Lotto Plus. For each of these draws, there are also plenty of betting markets to choose from at different odds.

Betway Lucky Numbers

Betway was the first online bookmaker in South Africa to offer Lucky Numbers and their platform is one of the easiest to use. The next 5 upcoming draws are always displayed at the top of the page so you know what's coming. All you'll need to do is click on your favourite draw to pick your Lucky Numbers and start placing bets.

The minimum bet size for Betway Lucky Numbers is just R1 which makes these games very accessible. Join thousands of Lucky Numbers punters at Betway and get started with a R25 free bet!

Whether you want to bet on the UK Thunderball or Russian Goslotto, Hollywoodbets is one of the best sites for playing Lucky Numbers. To get a piece of the action, all you'll need is a Hollywoodbets account and R1 to place your first bet.

If you're stuck trying to pick your numbers, use the built-in Lucky Numbers generator and have them automatically chosen for you. There are 1775 draws per week in countries like South Africa, Russia, Italy, Australia and Ireland. Sign up with Hollywoodbets and get R25 free to start playing Lucky Numbers today!

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Lucky Numbers Betting

One huge advantage of playing Lucky Numbers at a bookmaker over buying a lottery ticket is that you have many more betting options available. You're not limited to choosing only numbers and can also bet on markets like Over/Under, Odd/Even, Sum, Colour and much more!

Lucky Numbers betting options can include, but are not limited to:

⚡ Numbers (with or without the bonus ball)

⚡ Draw Sum Over/Under (total when balls are added)

⚡ Draw Sum Odd/Even

⚡ Draw Sum Range

⚡ First Ball Colour

⚡ Last Ball Colour

⚡ First Ball Odd/Even

⚡ First Ball High/Low

⚡ Last Ball Odd/Even

⚡ Last Ball High/Low

⚡ Bonus Ball Odd/Even

⚡ Bonus Ball High/Low

How To Play Lucky Numbers

Betting on Lucky Numbers is slightly different from one bookmaker to the next, but most of the basics are the same. 

Get Your Russia Gosloto 5/36 Lucky Numbers

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Here are step-by-step instructions for how to get started:

1️⃣ Sign up with a bookmaker

First, get signed up with a reputable bookmaker like Betway or Hollywoodbets that offers Lucky Numbers betting. 

2️⃣ Find the Lucky Numbers page

Your next step is to locate the Lucky Numbers section of the site, where you'll see a list of available lotteries and the starting time for each draw.

3️⃣ Choose a lottery draw

Look through the list of upcoming lotteries or use the search bar near the top of the page to find any draw you’re looking for. There might also be filters you can use to narrow your search according to country, date and time. Click or tap the lottery to see all the markets available for that draw.

4️⃣ Make your selection

After selecting a draw, you'll see the list of available betting markets. Scroll through them and find the bet you want to place. All bets are sorted under categories such as Regular Draw, Draw Sum, Bonus Ball and more. For example, under Regular Draw, click "2 Selected Balls" and then choose the two numbers you want to bet on.

5️⃣ Use our Lucky Numbers Generator

Now it's time to pick your numbers. You can choose these yourself or use our Lucky Numbers Generator. Just click "Generate" and the machine will spit out some random numbers for you to play.

The number generator below is specially designed for the UK 49's lottery but you can find Lucky Numbers generators for all the major lotteries in South Africa on our site.

Get Your UK 49s Lucky Numbers

Your bonus ball is the number below on the bottom right

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5️⃣ Confirm your selection

Add one or more selections to your betslip by using the Add button. You can take several bets on the same draw but not include different draws on the same betslip.

6️⃣ Place your bet

Go to your betslip and enter the amount you want to bet where it says "Stake" or "Bet Amount". Click Submit or Place Bet to confirm.

7️⃣ View your bets

Go to "My Account" for a summary of all your betting transactions where you can see the draw name, date, stake, odds and bet settlement status.

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Lucky Numbers Results 

The easiest way to see if you've won on Lucky Numbers is to log in to your online betting account and check your balance. Soon after the draw, your winnings will be paid into your account.

Another way to see if you've won is to look through your bet history in "My Account" once the draw is complete. You can also see Results on the Lucky Numbers page at many online bookmakers to verify the winning numbers and see if you've won. Here's how to get Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers results sent to your phone.

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Make it rain!

With so many bookmakers in South Africa now offering Lucky Numbers betting there are endless opportunities for punters to join the fun. Why we love playing these lottery games is that fixed odds make winning is as easy or as hard as you want it to be.

The fewer numbers you choose to predict the better your chances of winning. But you can also try to hit a home run if you want to! Sign up with Betway or Hollywoodbets now and get this party started.

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For more about online sports betting in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more. 

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