PalaceBet Live Casino Games You Must Try

By Simon

At PalaceBet, it’s not only Live Sports you can bet on but Live Casino Games too. You can play table games like Roulette from the comfort of your own home or anywhere on your phone. PalaceBet Roulette, like all Live Games, is brought to you in real time via HD video streaming from purpose-built studio locations and casinos around the world. Interact with a human dealer and other users as you play your favourite casino games like you’re sitting right there. Sit back, relax and play live PalaceBet Roulette or get dealt into games of Blackjack and Baccarat for whatever stakes you want.

Read below about some Live Casino Games at PalaceBet so you know what to expect. From the huge selection of Roulette games available at PalaceBet to the full suite of popular BetGames, you’ll learn where to find games like PalaceBet Roulette and how to play them online.

PalaceBet Roulette

There are as many as 19 varieties of Roulette available to play 24 hours a day at PalaceBet Casino, and all these games are developed by Evolution Gaming. You can bet on anything from Classic Live Roulette to a whole host of exciting spin-offs like Double Ball Roulette, Speed Roulette, Lightning Roulette and many more. In each round, your charming host will call for your bets and spin the wheel. They will then announce the result and all bets will be settled. If you prefer, there’s also First Person Roulette which isn’t a live game which means you can place bets and spin the wheel in your own time. All PalaceBet Live Games have multiple tables with varied minimum bets and limits, so you can always find a table to suit your budget and playing style.

Where to find PalaceBet Roulette

  • Log in to PalaceBet with your username and password. You’ll first need to register if you don’t yet have an account. 
  • Deposit into your account if needed.
  • For Desktop: Click the Live Games tab in the top middle of your screen.
  • For Mobile: Tap the green Games button in the top right of your screen.
  • Select your roulette game or click the yellow “Show All Games” button to display them all.
  • Click to select a table with the betting limits of your choice.

How to Play PalaceBet Roulette

For most Live Games at PalaceBet Casino, the lobby looks similar and the process you must follow for placing a bet is almost the same too.

Here’s how to play PalaceBet Roulette:

  • When the game screen loads, you’ll see a live roulette table and your host.
  • Above the betting board, it will either say “Place your bets”, “Wait for next game” or “Bets closing” depending on when you joined the table.
  • To place a bet, select your chip size (R5, R10, R50, R250, R1000 or R5 000) at the bottom of the screen and then use the betting board to make a selection.
  • Once betting is closed, your host will spin the roulette wheel and announce the winning number.
  • Your bet/s will be settled and the next round will begin.

Read our comprehensive guide to playing Live Roulette here.

Want more PalaceBet Live Games? 

Aside from PalaceBet Roulette, other Live Casino Games available include Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and Craps. These games are also hosted by real presenters and live-streamed to your phone or computer wherever you are. In the library of Evolution games available at PalaceBet is also a whole host of Game Shows such as Monopoly, Deal Or No Deal and Crazy Time. These are typically even more interactive than the traditional casino games and often have exciting multipliers and bonus rounds included. On the site, all PalaceBet Live Games are sorted into “Most Popular”, “Newest” and “A-Z”, so we recommend using these filters to help you find what you’re looking for.

PalaceBet BetGames

Aside from Live Casino Games and Game Shows, you can also play the full site of BetGames at PalaceBet. Some games like Lucky 7 are lottery-style draws you can bet on while others are based on casino classics like Baccarat and Poker. PalaceBet BetGames are very quick and easy to play with new rounds starting every few minutes. These games also keep your options open by allowing you to place bets on hundreds of different outcomes at variable odds.

On the PalaceBet BetGames screen, there is a countdown clock underneath the title for each game which tells you how much time is left before the game goes live. One good tip we can offer is to always select a game to play where there’s still enough time remaining to find and place your bets—because you don’t want to be rushed!

How to Play PalaceBet BetGames

The gameplay and specific rules for PalaceBet BetGames differ across the range of titles but here are some general steps for how to play:

  • Log in to PalaceBet. You’ll first need to register if you don’t yet have an account. 
  • Deposit into your account if needed.
  • For Desktop: Click the BetGames tab in the top middle of your screen.
  • For Mobile: Tap the menu in the top left of your screen and select the Games tab on the right-hand side.
  • Click BetGames TV to launch the full suite of 10 BetGames available at PalaceBet.
  • Select a game from the menu towards the top of your screen.
  • Scroll below the game screen and choose a betting category.
  • Select your outcome for the draw.
  • Choose your numbers and click Confirm to continue.
  • Enter your stake in the betslip where it says “Amount”.
  • Click the Place Bet button.
  • A confirmation message will appear after your bet is placed.

Watch this video for how to place a Combination Bet (accumulator) across different BetGames.

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