New Spina Zonke Slot Games at Hollywoodbets

By Simon

The biggest and most trusted bookmaker in South Africa, Hollywoodbets has launched their very own online slots called Spina Zonke. These highly anticipated games are the latest addition to the huge selection of betting products at Hollywoodbets which already includes Sports Betting, BetGames, Live Games and lots more.


With the Spina Zonke online slots now available for you to play at Hollywoodbets, we’ll introduce you to these fun and exciting new games, explain where to find them on the site and how to play.

New Spina Zonke Slot Games at Hollywoobets

With 57 new Spina Zonke online slot games to choose from, there is enough to satisfy even the fussiest of players! The games range from soccer and ancient history-themed slots to greek gods and gangsters. The minimum bet is 10c and this amount goes up to 88c per spin depending on which Spina Zonke slot game you want to play. Each game has different betting options, symbols, bonus rounds and payouts.

How to find the Spina Zonke Slot Games

If you visit the old Hollywoodbets site on your mobile device, click the link that says Desktop Site or Website. You will find the new Spina Zonke slot games near the top of the page on the left-hand side.

If you use the new Hollywoodbets site, the games are also located near the top of the page on the left-hand side. Your easiest option however is to click this link which takes you straight to the new Spina Zonke slot games.

Old Site

New Site

How the Spina Zonke slot games work

From the Spina Zonke lobby, select any game to play by clicking the game icon. Once the game has loaded, you will be directed to a pay table that shows the value of each symbol and its associated payout.

Some games include bonus rounds and free spins when certain combinations are hit, so read all this information carefully. When you’re ready, click I Accept” to open the game screen.

Spina Zonke Game Menu

At any time, click the coin icon to adjust your coin size and bet level if you want to play for higher or lower stakes per spin. You can also turn on the Auto Play function by clicking the play button icon on the right side and selecting the number of spins you want. This includes an option to spin until your balance reaches a certain amount or a single win exceeds any number.

The menu icon in the bottom middle of your screen brings up options that include the ‘info’ button. This will bring up the pay table with information about symbols, bonus rounds and special features. There are also icons that show your Bet History, Help and a Home button to return to the main Hollywoodbets site.

How to Bet on Spina Zonke slot games

Playing Spina Zonke games is easy once you understand a few things. “Coin” means the value of each token and “Bet Level” is the number of these tokens you will bet on each spin.

Each time you increase or decrease the coin size, the Bet Cash amount goes up or down, which means the same as “stake” in sports betting. If you increase or decrease your bet level (number of tokens) the bet Bet Cash amount (stake) will also change according to your coin size (the value of each token).

If you’re satisfied with the 
“Bet Cash” amount, click the play button to start the game. When you hit a winning combination, the game will highlight your matching symbols and the amount you won.

Start spinning and winning!

We are thrilled that the Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke slots have arrived. The quality and variety of these games are excellent and we can’t wait for you to try them!

Also, read out Hollywoodbets Review for a full breakdown of everything you can expect on the site. To register an account with Hollywoodbets and claim a No Deposit R25 Sign Up Bonus, click here and place your first bet for free! Supabets also have online slots, check them out here.

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