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7 Spina Zonke Myths | Don't Believe This Bullsh*t About Playing Slots on Hollywoodbets

Whoever you talk to these days seems to think they know a trick to help you win Spina Zonke. There is so much misinformation online about playing slots like Spina Zonke on Hollywoodbets that it's often hard to tell fact from fiction.

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But where do these Spina Zonke myths come from? There are two main reasons people make up lies about how to win Spina Zonke. The first one is simple – they want to get social media attention and followers so they can feel special. If some punter does end up winning using their nonsense tricks, they might even get thanked for it!

The second reason is a bit more complicated and is related to the psychology of betting. As humans, we are conditioned to look for patterns in life and often try to make predictions based on what we see – or think we see! Even if these patterns don't exist in reality, we like to pretend they do because it helps to bring order to the chaotic world in which we live.

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So what do we mean by patterns? Well, for example, believing that playing slots at certain times of day is better than other times is an example of a pattern that doesn't really exist. The truth is that slot payouts are 100% random and unpredictable. The one and only instance when your playing time matters is during the Spina Zonke Jackpot Race because there are extra cash prizes to win!

So what other Spina Zonke myths are common among punters in South Africa? We take you through a few of the tall stories you might hear online and explain why they simply cannot be true!

1️⃣ Slot games are programmed to make you lose

Punters often write angry messages to sites like Hollywoodbets saying that Spina Zonke is a scam and the games took all their money. This is simply NOT TRUE. Online slots are set up the same way as machines in a land-based casino where payouts are based on a Random Number Generator. Slots are indeed programmed with a certain RTP which ensures that the betting site makes a profit in the long term.

spina zonke lucky durian win

However, this doesn't mean you'll always lose when you play, or always win either, for that matter. All slots at licensed bookies like Hollywoodbets are tested by gambling authorities to ensure they are 100% fair. Furthermore, no site can change the mechanics of how their slots work and make you lose. 

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2️⃣ Winning is easier on certain days

Another myth you often hear is that playing Spina Zonke on certain days and times makes it easier to win. Here's a fact: The date and time of day make absolutely ZERO DIFFERENCE to your chances of winning Spina Zonke on Hollywoodbets. How these rumours often start is that a few punters all happen to win on the same day and then these players think if they play the same time next week, it will happen again. 

starburst slot game netent south africa

But whether you win playing Spina Zonke and how much you get paid out is not affected by the time of day at all. The only exception to this is the Spina Zonke Jackpot Race, but let me explain... The Jackpot Race does not affect the payout mechanics of the slots but is a chance to win extra cash prizes that aren't related to your normal Spina Zonke wins at all. 

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3️⃣ Increasing your bet size improves your odds of winning

Your bet size has a direct influence on the size of your Spina Zonke payouts, but only if you win! So increasing your bet size DOES NOT improve your odds of landing winning combinations, it simply means your payouts will be bigger when they do arrive. On the contrary, betting more than you can afford to can result in losing all your money very quickly without improving your chances of winning, so we strongly recommend you don't max bet Spina Zonke games to try to put the odds in your favour! 

hollywoodbets spina zonke bet settings south africa

4️⃣ Manual spins are luckier than using Autoplay

Some people say that Autoplay is rigged and you won't win if you use this function. But there's no difference in the way a slot behaves when you spin the reels manually or set the Autoplay function to spin on its own. This handy feature is simply a convenient way to play without continuously having to push the spin button. Most punters prefer to spin the reels manually because they enjoy the fun of it, but if you want to set the Autoplay and walk away, go ahead because you can win all the same! 

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5️⃣ Winning is easier in demo mode than playing for real money

Another Spina Zonke myth doing the rounds is that Freeplay or demo mode makes it easier to win than playing for real money. The reasoning behind this misinformation is understandable but is still not true. The people who spread these lies will tell you that bookies try to make it seem easier to win in demo mode so that you'll be more eager to play. However, the truth is that demo mode and playing for real money uses identical technology, the only difference is whether the account balance displays real money of your own or is fake to show you how the game works.

hollywoodbets spina zonke lucky lucky gameplay

6️⃣ Pressing ‘Stop' can influence where the reels end up

One of the biggest Spina Zonke myths is that stopping the reels spinning by pressing the 'stop' button can influence the results and help you win. The only reason this button exists is to allow you to see the results of each spin faster so you don't have to wait long before your next spin. How slots work is that the result of your spin has already been pre-determined before you even push the spin button, so stopping the reels at any point doesn't change where they end up.

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7️⃣ Free spins and bonus offers make you lose

Some players worry that welcome bonuses, free spins and deposit match offers will make them lose. Meeting the wagering requirements of a bonus for a withdrawal can sometimes take a while, but there is no difference between the money you deposit yourself and the free money you get. The good news is you've got the same chance of winning with both!

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For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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