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Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge | Win Your Share of R10000 By Making Free Predictions

Do you fancy yourself as a good horse racing punter? You can put your handicapping skills to the test and win money in the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge, which is completely FREE to enter. A whopping R10 000 is up for grabs at every race meeting held at the Hollywoodbets Greyville and Hollywoodbets Scottsville racecourses. 

All you need to do is pick the winner of every race on the day and the cash is yours. But there are also prizes for being the closest punter to bagging all the winners every week!

In the Hollywoodbets Punter’s Challenge, R10 000 is up for grabs at every race meeting at Hollywoodbets racecourses. Find out how to enter this free competition and what you need to do to win!

What is the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge?

The game is free to play for all Hollywoodbets account holders, so if you aren't already a Hollywoodbets customer, sign up now and claim your R25 Free Bet! The Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge is a horse racing prediction game which is FREE to enter and required you to pick a winner from each of the carded races on any given race day. Punters receive points according to where their selection finishes in the race, with extra points awarded for every correctly chosen winner.

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Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge login

To enter for a chance to win, you'll need to be a Hollywoodbets customer (sign up here) and complete your Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge login on the Hollywoodbets site. When you visit the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge page, you'll need to log in using your Hollywoodbets account username and password before selecting a unique “challenge name”.

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How do you play Punters Challenge on Hollywoodbets?

Visit the Hollywoodbets Punters’ Challenge website and use your Hollywoodbets login details to access your account. To start making your selections, select the upcoming race meeting to see the field. Now click to select one horse in every race on the card. 

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You will need to submit your Hollywoodbets Punters’ Challenge selections at least 5 minutes before the first race of the day.

1️⃣ Register and login to your Hollywoodbets account.

2️⃣ Scroll down the menu and click on "Horse Racing".

3️⃣ Select "Punters Challenge" near the top of the menu.

4️⃣ Enter your username and password.

5️⃣ Select the upcoming race meeting.

6️⃣ Make your selections by picking one horse for every race.

7️⃣ Click "Submit" to confirm your entry. Good luck!

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Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge points system

Points are awarded in the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge according to where your horses finish in each race. Even if your horse doesn't win, you'll still get points based on their finishing position which can help you climb the leaderboard to glory! 

 In a 12-horse race, 1st position will receive 12 points, 2nd position gets 11 points, 3rd position is awarded 10 points, all the way down to last place which receives 1 point. In a 7-horse race, 1st position will receive 7 points, 2nd position will get 6 points, and so on. 

Bonus points are also awarded for winning selections according to the Hollywoodbets Starting Price (SP) for your horse. For example, if the Starting Price was 4/1, then an extra 5 points (4 + 1) will be added to your points tally. So it counts in your favour to back winning horses when the odds are big! 

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Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge tips

There are Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge tips on the website where you can read the opinions of racing pundits like Shaheen Shaw. Get tips for every race in the upcoming Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge with a breakdown of each horse and why he fancies their chances. 

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Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge leaderboard

On the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge homepage, there is a daily and monthly leaderboard with the names of the punters competing in the race with the most points. You can see their position overall as well as their points tally and how many races they have predicted correctly. 

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Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge winners

Visit the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge homepage to see the latest lucky winners or search for "Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge winners" on Google to see the names of the players and how much they won.

Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge payout

Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge prize money is paid into the winner's account by 12 pm on the day after a qualifying round of the Hollywood Punters Challenge.

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The Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge payouts are divided amongst winning players as follows:

➡️ R10 000 shared among the Top 20 on the leaderboard in the daily competition.

➡️ R20 000 shared amongst the Top 20 in the leaderboard in the monthly competition.

➡️ There is R500 000 bonus if you tip all the winners on the card and for every race meeting where the R500 000 is not won, another R25 000 is added to the prize pool. 

Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge terms and conditions

➡️ Open to all Hollywoodbets customers.

➡️ A single entry is free for registered players.

➡️ Players can enter at any point as long as it's at least 5 minutes before the first race of the day.

➡️ Only applies to Hollywoodbets Greyville racecourse, Hollywoodbets

➡️ Scottsville racecourse and other venues selected by Hollywoodbets.

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