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Fan Tan Live | How to Play in South Africa + Winning Tips and Strategies

Fan Tan is an ancient Chinese game of chance that has been played for tens of centuries across Asia. Evolution has turned this traditional game into an engaging and interactive online version so that you and I can play from the comfort of home or wherever we happen to be. Play Fan Tan Live at Hollywoodbets!

Because Evolution likes to make any classic gambling or casino game more exciting, Fan Tan Live gives you the option of choosing between the Default or Advanced game view. The Default view has all the main Fan Tan bet types, while the Advanced view includes some more complex bets which are traditional to the game. 

fan tan live evolution lining up beads

Below you'll learn how to play Fan Tan Live at Hollywoodbets, discover the various bet types and payouts, plus get tips and strategies to help you win!

How to play Fan Tan Live

Fan Tan is extremely simple to play and compared to many other Live Games available in South Africa, and your betting options are also few. How Fan Tan works is that a random number of white beads is selected and then divided into sets of four, and you must correctly predict the number of beads in the last row.

Fan Tan Live - How it works step by step

1️⃣ The game will start with all the beads from the previous round being pushed into the centre of the table.

2️⃣ A countdown timer indicates betting is now open and you have 13 seconds to place your bets before the next round of Fan Tan Live begins.

3️⃣ Soon after betting is closed, the croupier places a golden cup over a random selection of beads. The rest are scooped up in a glass dome and moved to the corner of the table for the next round.

4️⃣ The croupier then removes the cup to reveal the beads and spreads them onto the table. A rake is then repeatedly used to separate the beads into rows of four.

5️⃣ The final row of beads will always contain 1, 2, 3 or 4 beads. These are moved to the centre of the table where they can be seen by all players. To win, you must have correctly predicted the number of beads in the last row.

fan tan live evolution rows of beads

Default vs Advanced Game View

Fan Tan Live allows you to choose between a simple set of bets in the Default View (Fan, Odd/Even, Big/Small) or more complex options in Advanced View ( Fan, Odd/Even, Big/Small, Nim, Kwok, SSH). Our advice is to start with the Default View while you get to know the game, and then switch to Advanced View once you learn more about how it works.

fan tan live evolution default betting options

Fan Tan Live Bet Types and Odds (Default View)

In the Fan Tan Live Default view, there are 8 possible betting options, which include:

Fan: Single number such as 1, 2, 3, or 4

Big: Numbers 3 or 4

Small: Numbers 1 or 2

Odd: Numbers 1 or 3

Even: Numbers 2 or 4

1 2.85/1 3.85X
2 2.85/1 3.85X
3 2.85/1 3.85X
4 2.85/1 3.85X
Big 0.95/1 1.95X
Small 0.95/1 1.95X
Even 0.95/1 1.95X
Odd 0.95/1 1.95X

Fan Tan Live Bet Types and Odds (Advanced View)

The Fan Tan Live Advanced view includes all the default bets plus many more, which are explained below:

Nim: This bet is on 2 numbers. To win, the first number you select must match the number of beads in the last row. If it matches the second number, the bet is a push (void) and your stake is returned. Odds are 1.95

fan tan live evolution advanced betting options

Kwok: This is the same as the Nim bet except that your bet wins if either of the numbers you selected matches the number of beads in the last row. Odds are 1.95

Sheh Sam Hong (SSH): This is the easiest bet to win and allows you to select 3 out of the 4 possible numbers. You win if any of the numbers you selected matches the number of beads in the last row. Odds are 1.33

Fan Tan Live Statistics and Scores

To see trends from previous rounds of Fan Tan Live and how other players are betting right now, there are live betting statistics available as well as past results. This information includes the number of players who've placed bets and the total amount wagered. 

fan tan live statistics scoreboard results

There are three scoreboards showing the frequency of each number, as well as the percentage splits between Odd/Even and Big/Small. These detailed statistics are available for the last 500 rounds of Fan Tan Live and can help inform your betting. 

Play Fan Tan Live at Hollywoodbets

Fan Tan Live is a fairly new game by Evolution, which is not yet available at many of the online bookmakers in South Africa which offer Live Games. For now, you can only play Fan Tan Live at Hollywoodbets and LottoStar, but this exciting game will be available on more betting sites soon!

Fan Tan Live Tips and Strategies

💡 Hedge your bets

Fan bets (one number) are risky but have the biggest payout of all bets on Fan Tan Live. To increase your chances of winning, bet half your stake on a single number and the other half on an Odd/Even or Big/Small bet.

💡 Play Nim bets

Nim bets allow you to select two numbers and includes some built-in insurance. Why we prefer Nim bets to Kwok bets is because the odds are bigger and you'll get your stake back if your second bet comes in.

💡 Study the stats and results

Pay attention to what's been happening in previous rounds of Fan Tan Live. Do any numbers win more often than others? Do Odd or Even numbers come up more regularly? Use the information available in the game to try to find a trend and place your bets accordingly. 

For more about online sports betting, casinos and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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