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Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke FAQ | Answers to Your 10 Biggest Questions about South Africa's Favourite Slot Games

Because online slots are still new in South Africa, punters often come to us with questions about how they work and where to play. The Spina Zonke games on Hollywoodbets are by far the most popular, and so we've put all the information you could possibly need in one easy-to-find place.

If you still haven't joined Hollywoodbets and want to start playing Spina Zonke, you can click this link to register and become the next big winner!

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Take a look through our Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke FAQ for answers to your 10 biggest questions about South Africa's favourite slot games.

1️⃣ What is Spina Zonke on Hollywoodbets?

Spina Zonke is the name that Hollywoodbets have given to the collection of 70 slot games you can play on their site. These games work the same way as slot games you might play in a land-based casino like Grand West or Emporer's Palace. 

Each Spina Zonke game has a different theme, symbols, bonuses and so on. You play these games by clicking a button to spin the reels and certain combinations of symbols allow you to win money, which you can either use to keep playing or withdraw from your Hollywoodbets account. 

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Read more about what Spina Zonke is on Hollywoodbets.

2️⃣ How do you get Spina Zonke?

You get Spina Zonke the same way as any other game on Hollywoodbets. 

Here's how it works:

Register with Hollywoodbets and log in to your account. (get help here).

Click the Spina Zonke tab near the top of your screen. 

Wait for the games to load and click to choose your favourite slot.

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3️⃣ How do you find Spina Zonke on Hollywoodbets?

The Spina Zonke games on Hollywoodbets are very easy to find. On the mobile site, scroll down the menu and click the Spina Zonke tab. If you're registered and logged in, you should be able to select a game and start playing immediately.

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4️⃣ How do you play Spina Zonke on Hollywoodbets?

Click the Spina Zonke tab on the Hollywoodbets main menu and you'll be directed to the games lobby where there are 70 games to choose from. Select any slot game by clicking the icon. Once the game has loaded, the pay table will explain the value of each symbol and its associated payout.

Some of the Spina Zonke slots also feature unique bonus games and free spins, so it’s always a good idea to check the pay table before you start playing. When you’re ready, click “I Accept” to get started!

Watch this video for how to play Spina Zonke on Hollywoodbets

Once the game screen has loaded, you can start spinning the reels right away. But you might want to adjust your bet level and coin size first. Click the ➕ and ➖ buttons to increase or decrease the size of your bets.

Once you're happy with your bet amount, click the ▶ button to start the game. When you hit a winning combination of symbols, the game will highlight your matching symbols and show the amount you won.

Here's more on how to play Spina Zonke on Hollywoodbets.

5️⃣ How do you bet on Spina Zonke?

Here's how to bet on Spina Zonke. After selecting a game from the Spina Zonke lobby, spin the reels by clicking thebutton at the bottom middle of the game screen.

To help you understand how the betting works on Spina Zonke, here is what the different words mean:

COIN: The value of each token

BET LEVEL: The number of tokens you bet per spin

BET: The total amount bet on each spin

BALANCE: How much money you have in your account

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Here's how these things all work together:

When you increase or decrease the Coin size (value of each token), your Bet amount either goes up or down. If you adjust your Bet Level (number of tokens), your Bet amount will also change according to your Coin size (the value of each token).

To adjust your Bet Level or coin size, Click the ➕ and ➖ buttons to increase or decrease the size of your bets. Once you're happy with your bet amount, click the ▶ button to start the game. With each spin, you'll need to match symbols to create combinations that can win you money. 

Read more about how to bet on Spina Zonke.

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6️⃣ How do you change coins on Spina Zonke?

To change coins on Spina Zonke, click the "Coin" button in the bottom right of the game screen. Click the ➕ button to increase your coin size or the ➖ button to decrease your coin size. 

When you increase or decrease the Coin size, your total Bet amount will either go up or down. You can also change the number of tokens you bet per spin by adjusting your Bet Level up or down.

Watch this video to learn how to change coins on Spina Zonke

7️⃣ How do you play Spina Zonke Hot Hot Fruit?

Hot Hot Fruit is a classic slot game with 5 reels and 15 paylines. In the game there are 5 different symbols, which include 2 High Win symbols ("7" and BAR") plus 3 Low Win symbols ("Plum", "Orange" and "Watermelon"). There is also a wild symbol that substitutes for any symbol on the reel but it doesn't pay out on its own. 

Hot Hot Fruit feature: This can be triggered at random with any spin. When you get this bonus, any "Wild", "Bar" "Plum" or "Orange" symbol can turn into a double symbol of the same kind, which will count as two symbols and increase your winnings. The "7" symbol can transform into a triple "7" symbol, and count as 3 symbols to help you win even more.

Watch this video to see an absolutely massive win on Spina Zonke Hot Hot Fruit!

Hot Hot Fruit Free Games: This allows you to spin without having to place a bet. If 3 or more "Wild" symbols appear horizontally on reels 1 or 2 or reels 4 and 5, then 6 Free Games will be triggered. To receive 12 Free Games, you’ll need 3 or more "Wild" symbols to appear horizontally on reels 1 or 2, plus reels 4 and 5. 

Keep reading about how to play Spina Zonke Hot Hot Fruit.

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8️⃣ How do you play Wealth Inn?

Wealth Inn is probably the easiest Spina Zonke game to play of them all and only costs 16c per spin. The simplicity and affordability of this Asian-themed game make Wealth Inn the ideal Spina Zonke game to play if you're just getting started.

The Caishen wild is the highest-paying symbol and can substitute for any other symbol in the game. For example, you'll get a payout by having two regular symbols and one Caishen on the same line (the low-value symbol determines the amount you win).

Watch this video for how to play Wealth Inn, the cheapest Spina Zonke game on Hollywoodbets

Need more help on how to play Wealth Inn? Check out these winning tips

9️⃣ How does the Spina Zonke Jackpot Race work?

The Spina Zonke Jackpot Race is a twice-weekly promotion where Hollywoodbets rewards their customers for playing. The race takes place every Wednesday and Saturday evening when R650 000 is up for grabs!

For a chance to win, all you need to do is have a spin for R2 or more on any qualifying Spina Zonke games. By entering the Jackpot Race, you could be 1 of 470 lucky punters to walk away with a massive cash prize.

Learn more about how the Spina Jackpot race works.

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🔟 How to win Spina Zonke?

There are many tips and tricks we can share with you to help you win Spina Zonke games when you play. From choosing games with good bonus features to managing your bank properly, there are lots of ways you can increase your chances of winning.

To see all our Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke tips, visit Betting Guide and learn from the best. 

For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you'll find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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