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Aviator Game Guide | Take to the Skies and Win Big with Hollywoodbets and Betway!

Hollywoodbets have this uncanny ability to keep surprising us with new and exciting games all the time. But out of everything they've thrown at us so far, the one that's completely taken South Africa by storm is a cash out game called Aviator, which includes the Hollywoodbets Aviator game and Betway Aviator.

You really need to play this online game on Hollywoodbets to fully understand how fun it is and why punters love it so much, but the basic aim is to cash out your bet and make some money before the plane flies away, which could happen at any time. It's very similar to the Hollywoodbets Jetx game, and both follow the same principles.

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If you wait too long and get greedy? Woosh, there goes your money! On the other hand, if you play too conservatively and try to take the money too quickly, you could be selling yourself seriously short!

Buckle up as we take you through all the steps of how to play the Aviator game on Hollywoodbets in this easy guide, where we explain how the game works, special features and provide tips for how to win!

Aviator Game on Hollywoodbets

Aviator is a brand new virtual game available on Hollywoodbets which is perfect for all kinds of punters. What makes the game so perfect to play is that it appeals to punters with both a big and small appetite for risk.

Whether you're looking for a big win of 20 000x your stake or just to make a quick buck and run, Aviator is the perfect game for you! Our friends over at Betting Babes have even shot their own Aviator-inspired photoshoot for you to enjoy. You can click here to visit Hollywoodbets to play the Aviator game yourself.

Watch this video to learn how to play the Aviator game on Hollywoodbets

How does Aviator work on Hollywoodbets?

You must bet on how high an aeroplane will get in the sky before flying off the screen. The higher your plane gets without flying away, the bigger your winnings. To win your bet, you'll need to Cash Out any time before the plane flies away and the round is over.

At the start of each round, the decimal odds displayed are 1.00, which steadily increases the higher your plane gets, boosting your Cash Out offer.

As long as you hit the Cash Out button before the plane flies away you’ll win your stake multiplied by the decimal odds shown at the time. But if you don't Cash Out before the plane disappears, your bet will lose.

The odds start off climbing slowly and then quickly speed up the higher the plane flies into the air. The tricky part of the game is that you never know when the plane might fly away. If you're too greedy and don’t hit the Cash Out button before the plane is gone, your bet will lose.

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How do you play the Aviator game on Hollywoodbets?

The aviator game is available on the Hollywoodbets mobile and desktop platforms. To play, you'll just need to be logged into your account and have a balance of at least R1. Click here to visit Hollywoodbets to start playing Aviator.

After launching the Aviator game on Hollywoodbets, here's how to play:

1️⃣ You can place one bet or two, so decide which is better for you.

2️⃣ Enter your stake amount in the bet box (R1 min, R2 000 max) and wait for the round to start.

3️⃣ The win multiplier starts at 1.00x and increases as the plane flies higher.

4️⃣ Decide when to take the money by clicking on the Cash Out button, which will instantly multiply the odds you see by your stake.

5️⃣ If successful, your winnings are added to your account balance immediately. If you fail to Cash Out before the plane flies away, then your bet will lose.

NB: If your internet connection drops or the game times out during play, it will Cash Out for you which means you shouldn't lose any money.

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Aviator betting options

The simplest way to play the Aviator game is to place just one bet of your desired stake and hope that you're lucky enough to Cash Out before the plane flies away.

But what makes the new Aviator game on Hollywoodbets extra fun to play is that you can bet twice on the same round. Placing two bets on the same round is one of the best strategies for playing the Aviator game, which we'll explain more later on!

There are different strategies involved in choosing to place either one or two bets which we'll explain in our Aviator tips section later. For now, all you need to know about the Aviator betting options is that you can place either one or two bets for your desired stake and then you're ready to play!

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Aviator Game Features

Auto Cash Out

Auto Cash Out allows you to set a Cash Out amount for your bets, so you don't have to rely on the speed of your fingers to stop the plane at the right number. Decide which odds you want and let the game automatically Cash Out your bets when the plane reaches your multiplier.

To activate the Auto Cash Out feature, go to the betting panel and enter the multiplier number that you want your bets to be cashed out on. If the odds get to this number, your bet will be cashed out without having to click the button manually.

You can also activate Autoplay by clicking the “Auto” tab in the betting panel, which means your previous bet will be placed again automatically.

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Find the Aviator Results history at the top of the screen where a leaderboard displays the biggest wins from the last day, month and year. You can see the stake, the multiplier and the total amount won for each bet. On the left side of your screen is the Live Bets panel with the bets other players have made for the current round. This is also information you can use to hone your Aviator betting strategy.

In-Game Chat

The in-game chat feature on the right side allows you to have conversations with other players. Aviator big wins are automatically posted here by the “Captain” bot so you can see how your fellow players are doing.

What is the RTP of Aviator on Hollywoodbets?

Aviator has an RTP of 97%, which is well above average for most online casino games in South Africa. Slot games for example, usually have an RTP of 92-96%, so Aviator is a generous game which can easily make you a big winner if lady luck is on your side!

Don't know what RTP is? Find out here how RTP affects your win and payouts.

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How do you win big on Aviator?

The question we all want the answer to is how to win big on Aviator! There are a number of different Aviator tips and strategies you can use to improve your chances of winning. But before we delve into those, get into the mood and watch this video of us landing a big win on Aviator when we least expect it!

"This is your captain speaking... conditions outside are cloudy with a strong chance of big wins!"

Aviator Tips and Strategies

The odds you get for your bet before the plane flies away are completely arbitrary and determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is the same way that most online casino games work, and whether you get a small or big multiplier in the Aviator game all comes down to pure luck.

The truth is this: Any round of Aviator can end just a short moment after it begins, or go on to make you a big winner with massive multipliers of up to 20000x—it's all up to chance! But just like it helps to know how slot games work if you want to win more often, you can also try these tips on Aviator for better luck!

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Here are some Aviator tips and strategies you can use to help you win:

1️⃣ Place 2 bets instead of 1

You can minimise your losses and increase your wins by placing two bets on the same round. Do this by placing one bet where the winnings can fully or partially cover your stake for the other bet. 

By choosing to Cash Out one bet at small odds (e.g 1.50x) and another at much bigger odds (e.g 10.00x), you'll have a decent chance of getting back some of what you staked if your bet on the smaller odds wins. Just remember there are no guarantees in this game and you could easily lose both bets no matter what odds you're waiting for!

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2️⃣ Stake high and cash out fast

Nothing is stopping you from cashing out as soon as the plane takes flight. If you think the chances of the plane flying away quickly are relatively low, then why not Cash Out sooner rather than later.

To make it worthwhile, you can place bigger bets (up to R2000 max) and cash out as quickly as your fingers will allow. This way, even if your plane doesn't go far, you'll probably cash out in time to make a decent profit. This strategy is risky though because you need to stake a lot and you might still lose!

3️⃣ Go big or go home

Set the Auto Cash Out feature to a multiplier of about 20.00x and bet small amounts at a time to give yourself lots of chances. You won't win as often when betting on higher multipliers, but at least you won't miss that big number when it comes around!

Where else can I play Aviator in South Africa?

You can now also play Aviator on Betway and Sportingbet. There are also a few of the best slots sites in South Africa that also offer the Aviator.

betway aviator south africa 300x250

For more about online casinos, lotteries and sports betting in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more. 

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