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Greece Powerball | How and Where to Bet in South Africa and Get Quick Results

The Greece Powerball, also known as "Joker", is one of the most popular lotteries to play online in South Africa. There are three weekly draws which take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings at 10 pm depending on the time of year. With so many online bookmakers offering Greece Powerball odds and markets for easy online Lotto betting in South Africa, you'd be crazy not to want a piece of the action!

Get Your Greece Powerball Lucky Numbers

(Without the bonus ball)

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If you want to bet on the Greece Powerball Bonus Ball, then use the Lucky Numbers generator below:

Get Your Greece Powerball Bonus Ball Number

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Want to play Greece Powerball in South Africa? Read below how it works, where you can play online and learn the easiest way to get results for every draw the moment it happens.

How the Greece Powerball works

Before we discuss how the Greece Powerball works, let us remind you this draw takes every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening at 10 pm depending on whether you play in summer or winter. Five numbered balls are drawn from a total of 45, alongside a single Bonus Ball or "Powerball" number.

greece powerball hollywoodbets lucky numbers desktop

When betting on the Greece Powerball draw, you must predict between 1 and 5 numbers. You can bet with or without the Bonus ball, or even choose to bet on the Bonus Ball on its own. The Bonus Ball is numbered 1-20 and always selected from a separate drum from the main/regular draw.

Greece Powerball Draw Times in South Africa

⏰ Tuesday 22h00
⏰ Thursday 22h00
⏰ Sunday 22h00

Greece Powerball Odds and Betting Options

The range of Greece Powerball odds and betting options available depends on which online bookmaker you choose to play with. Some betting sites only offer markets on the main/regular draw for the Greece Powerball and others also allow you to bet on the Bonus Ball (as part of the main draw or on its own).

Have you tried Betway? You can read more about Betway Lucky Numbers and how to play here.

pure bet lucky numbers greece powerball regular draw

Regular Draw: Predict which numbers will come up in the main draw. You can select just 1 number or as many as 5 numbers (with the bonus ball) depending on how much you want to win.

Draw Sum: Predict whether the sum of the balls drawn will be Odd/Even or Over/Under a certain number (with or without the bonus ball)

Bonus Ball: Predict whether the Bonus Ball will be a single digit (Yes/No) or the same as one of the regular balls drawn (Yes/No).

Greece Powerball Odds and Payouts

Greece Powerball odds and payouts vary from one online bookmaker in South Africa to the next. See the table below for what you can expect to win when playing the Greece Powerball on Hollywoodbets.

Bet TypeOdds
1 Ball (Main)8/1
1 Ball (Bonus)18/1
2 Balls (2 Main)80/1
2 Balls (1 Main & 1 Bonus) 170/1
3 Balls (3 Main)1000/1
3 Balls (2 Main & 1 Bonus) 1650/1
4 Balls (4 Main) 10000/1
4 Balls (3 Main & 1 Bonus) 19000/1
5 Balls (4 Main & 1 Bonus)190000/1
Bonus Ball Odd9/10
Bonus Ball Even9/10
Bonus Ball High9/10
Bonus Ball Low9/10

You can read more about Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers and how to play here.

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How to bet on the Greece Powerball in South Africa

Placing a bet on the Greece Powerball in South Africa is much the same as betting on any other lottery online. For those who are new to the process, here are some basic steps to follow:

1️⃣ Sign up with a betting site that offers the Greece Powerball. We recommend Hollywoodbets or Betway South Africa, but there are many others to choose from.

2️⃣ Use the main menu near the top of the page or down the left side to find "Lucky Numbers" or "Lotteries".

3️⃣ Look under the upcoming draws for "Greece Powerball 5/45". If you can't see it right away, use the search function.

4️⃣ Click the draw to open the selection of betting markets and decide how many balls you would like to predict.

5️⃣ Select your numbers between 1-45 or simply click the odds to make a Yes/No or Over/Under bet. You can use the HollyShake It feature to have your numbers selected randomly or get them here using our Lottery Numbers Generator below

6️⃣ Add your selection/s to your betslip and enter your stake (bet amount).

7️⃣ Click "Bet Now" or "Submit" to confirm your bet on the Greece Powerball.

Get Your Greece Powerball Lucky Numbers

(Without the bonus ball)

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  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

If you want to bet on the Bonus Ball, then use the Lucky Numbers generator below:

Greece Powerball Results

To get results for the Greece Powerball in South Africa, we recommend using Betway South Africa where you can find all the latest winning numbers from international lotteries in one convenient place. If you haven't already signed up, here's how to register and get a R1000 Welcome Bonus.

After completing Betway registration and logging in, click the Lucky Numbers tab near the top of your screen and then select "Results". On this page, you can search for Greece Powerball results by Date, Game or Draw ID.

greece powerball betway lucky numbers results

Greece Powerball Predictions

Like most betting games, winning big money from playing the Greece Powerball does require a bit of luck. However, there are some strategies available that make choosing your numbers more fun and interesting. Check out this article to learn more about how to make your Lucky Numbers predictions.

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More Lucky Numbers Games

If you like playing the Greece Powerball, you know you'll also love these Lucky Numbers games which are some of the best for playing online in South Africa:

UK 49s - One of our absolute favourite draws to play is the UK 49s, which happens twice a day, every day! In this lottery, five numbers (plus a bonus ball) are drawn from a drum containing balls numbered 1-49. The bonus ball is called the booster and betting is available with or without it. You can also place bets related to the total sum of the balls drawn and whether the numbers will be odd, even, or single digits.

When is the UK 49s draw? You can play at 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm every day of the week. Find out more.

Get Your UK 49s Lucky Numbers

Your bonus ball is the number below on the bottom right

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

USA Mega Millions - In this draw, there are 70 balls to choose from which means making predictions is never easy. You can select up to 4 main draw numbers and also include the Bonus Ball (Mega Ball), which has a number range of 1-25. Choosing to include the Bonus Ball increases your potential payout but also reduces your chances of winning because making correct predictions is much harder. 

When is the Mega Millions draw? You can play at 5 am every Wednesday and Saturday. Find out more.

Get Your Mega Millions Lucky Numbers

Click "Generate" to get your Lucky Numbers

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  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Get Greece Powerball Results

For the latest Greece Powerball results, head over to Betway South Africa, where you can find the winning numbers just minutes after every draw. To see if you're a winner, find the Greece Powerball results for your draw's date and compare the numbers you see on the results page to the selections on your betslip.

greece powerball betway lucky numbers results

Read this article for more information on how to get Lucky Numbers results online.

betway r2000 casino bonus

For more about online sports betting and casinos in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more. 

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