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How to Play Lightning Blackjack in South Africa

From Roulette to Dice and BaccaratEvolution Lightning games are extremely popular among South African punters because they offer the opportunity to win more with the same stake. So when Lightning Blackjack was announced we got very excited, but that was before we realised how expensive the game is to play. But we'll get to that later.

Lightning Blackjack is like traditional blackjack with a twist. The game has bonus multipliers in each round, which can boost your winnings in the next round if you win the hand. Every person at the table is dealt the same cards by the dealer, which allows for an unlimited number of players.

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Here we tell you how to play Lightning Blackjack in South Africa. We will explain how the lightning feature works and discuss the pros and cons of this Live Casino game when compared to traditional blackjack.

How to play Lightning Blackjack in South Africa

For those who don't know how to play blackjack, the rules are quite simple. You and the dealer are both dealt two cards and must choose to either hit (take another) or stand (take none) while trying to get as close to a total of 21 as possible. 

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If you go over 21 you are bust and lose automatically. If neither player nor dealer goes bust, then the hand closest to 21 is the winner. All face cards have a value of 10 and the Ace has a value of either 1 or 11, whichever gets you closer to 21. The dealer must always hit on soft 17. There are a few more rules you can read about here, but those are the basics.

Lightning Blackjack rules 

Lightning Blackjack has most of the same rules as standard blackjack except it offers the chance to get multiplied payouts if you win two hands in a row. For the privilege of these multipliers, you must pay a 100% lightning fee which is equal to your stake. To place a R10 bet on Lightning Blackjack therefore costs R20. 

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Depending on your winning hand, your lightning multiplier will be between 2x and 25x which carries over to your next bet. You can choose to use your multiplier right away on the next round or sit out for as long as you like before using it. Only if you win the next round does your multiplier get added. But if you lose, then it's gone along with your stake. 

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More about Lightning Blackjack multipliers

Multipliers are assigned to different hand values. Hands closer to 21 are assigned bigger multipliers than weaker hands like 17. For example, if you win a round with a hand of 19 then you'll get a multiplier of 5x. The next round you play and win, your payout will be boosted.

If you increase your bet size when using your multiplier, it will only be applied to the bet amount of the qualifying round. Also, if you lower your stake when using your multiplier, it will only apply to the new bet amount. So don't bet small just to get the multiplier and then increase your stake, rather keep your bet size where you need it to be.

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What we don't like about Lightning Blackjack

The only real perk of playing Lightning Blackjack are the multipliers, but we feel the cost of these is too high. We wouldn't mind so much paying the 100% lightning fee if multipliers were paid out in every round. But having to pay double your stake and then win twice in a row for an enhanced payout is not worth it in our opinion.

Because of the lightning fee, you need to get a lightning multiplier of at least 3x to break even and 4x or more to make a profit in the next round.

Where to play Lightning Blackjack

You can play Lightning Blackjack at Hollywoodbets and it will soon be available on most online betting sites in South Africa that offer Evolution games. 

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Lightning Blackjack Tips

As you can probably tell, Lightning Blackjack is not one of our favourite Evolution games. We love the concept but think the game is too expensive to play. It's very hard to win consecutive blackjack games and having to do this consistently in order to benefit from multipliers is asking a bit too much. 

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If there's one piece of advice we can give about this game it is to start with a fairly big balance and not worry too much about the multipliers. Play just like you would at any other blackjack table and don't try to sneak your way into the next round by placing smaller bets. Because your payout is, determined by your smallest bet on the two winning rounds.

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