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Cash or Crash Review | Tips For How to Play Evolution's Aviator-Like Game

Cash or Crash is a highly entertaining live game show by Evolution, the same company that developed Mega Ball 100xGonzo's Treasure HuntDeal or No Deal and a multitude of other Live Casino Games available in South Africa. The game takes place inside a blimp gliding over a busy city. You'll be guided by your trusty flight captain and must help fly the blimp as far as possible without crashing. 

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In this Cash or Crash review, we introduce you to this exciting Game Show by Evolution and where you can play in South Africa. We also explain how it works and offer some tips and strategies to help you get further in the game. 

How does Cash or Crash work?

With each green ball drawn from the lottery machine, the blimp goes higher and offers you bigger potential payouts. But if you draw a red ball, you'll crash to the ground and must start again. 

Cash or Crash has 20 levels or multipliers for each round, with Level 1 paying 1.2x your stake and Level 20 paying up to 50 000x your stake. The amount on offer at each level of the pay table is a multiple of your initial stake.

To get the maximum payout in the game, you must reach the top of the paytable and have drawn the only golden ball in reaching the top.

cash or crash evolution live game shows

Cash or Crash rules

Cash or Crash features a lottery machine with 28 coloured balls (19 green, 1 gold and 8 red) which are drawn one at a time in each round. When a green ball is drawn, you move one step up the paytable and must then decide whether to continue flying or to cash out (either half or all of your winnings). 

The game ends as soon as a red ball appears unless you have drawn the golden ball, which can protect you like a shield from crashing. Once your shield has been used up by a red ball, you will crash and lose whatever money you don't cash out if another red ball is drawn. 

Cash or Crash features

Drawn balls in Cash or Crash are separated from the rest until the game round is over, so for each green or gold ball that is removed, the chances of a red ball coming up increase.

To help you make your decision, the game displays the percentage chance of you getting a “good” ball vs. a “bad” ball. Also, on the game screen, you can see how many pay table levels you've climbed up so far out of a maximum of 20. 

Watch this video for our live demonstration of how Cash or Crash works

Cash or Crash betting options

When a green ball is drawn or after your shield is broken, you must choose one of the following on-screen options by pushing the appropriate button:

Continue - Keep playing with 100% of your potential winnings. A red ball after this decision means you lose your bet and start again. 

Take Half - Cash out 50% of your potential winnings and continue to play with the remaining 50%. Cashed out winnings are paid out at the end of the game round. 

Take All - Cash out 100% of your winnings and end the game. If you wish to play again, you must wait for the next round to begin. 

If you fail to make a decision in the allotted time, the game will assume you want to "Continue" playing with 100% of your potential winnings.

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How to play Cash or Crash 


Cash or Crash includes only one opportunity to bet (Min R2; Max R25 000) in each round which makes things really simple. You can also only bet at the beginning of a round, not during gameplay. You'll have 20 seconds to move the chips at the bottom of your screen until you're happy with your bet size.  


After betting is closed, a single ball is drawn from the blimp. If the ball is green then you move up to the next level on the paytable. But if a red ball is drawn, the round is over. The longer you go without getting a red ball, the more money you stand to win, as long as you cash out in time.


Before the next ball is drawn, you must choose whether you Continue, Take Half or Take All.


Each game round ends when one of three things happen: a red ball is drawn; you select Take All; or you reach the top of the pay table. To play again, you must wait for the next round of Cash or Crash to begin. 

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Cash or Crash paytable and odds

The game has 20 levels or multipliers for each round. Level 1 pays 1.2x your stake and Level 20 pays 18,000x – 50,000x your stake. Look below for the paytable and game levels:

cash or crash evolution live games paytable

Cash or Crash tips and strategies

Like many betting games, how you choose to play Cash or Crash all comes down to your appetite for risk. The nature of this game dictates there will be lots of small wins and the occasional big win.

With more green balls than red balls, the odds of continuing in the game are in your favour. But exactly when you decide to cash out is the crucial decision that will make all the difference in whether you win or not.

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Below are 5 Cash or Crash tips and strategies you can try. Which one you choose to use will depend on what kind of game you want to play and your overall goals.


Level 3 is the break-even point of the game because it pays out at 1/1 (EVS). By "Taking All" at this point you're guaranteed not to lose, so call it quits soon after (maybe Level 4) to lock in a profit. You might lose out on bigger payouts, but getting greedy is the easiest way to lose everything.


Bet big and cash out after the first green ball has been drawn. Level 1 only pays out at odds of 1.20 (1/5), but if you place a big enough bet this can be a lot of money and you have a high chance of winning. 


If you always "Take Half" the money after a green ball, you'll need to climb 2 positions to break even. One strategy is to keep banking half the cash in the hopes of building a healthy profit that you can't lose. 

cash or crash social


Keep following the advice given to you by the game on the two small blimps. If at any stage the red ball percentage is higher than the green ball percentage then cash out. Hopefully, you will have made some profit by this stage. 


There is a stage in the game where you must consider yourself lucky if you get this far and that is Level 9. Continue taking balls up until Level 9 and then cash out unless you get the golden ball.

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Where to play Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash is available on several betting sites in South Africa which offer Evolution Games, including:

➡️ Hollywoodbets

➡️ Betway South Africa

➡️ Gbets

➡️ PalaceBet

➡️ Sportingbet


Cash or Crash final thoughts

The gameplay in Cash or Crash is fast and action-packed, making it one of the most fun Live Game Shows to play in South Africa. The three betting options creates an interesting dynamic that gives you maximum control over how much risk you take. It’s possible to keep playing for long streaks but you can easily play it safer if you wish.

This game has a lot of similarities with Aviator on Hollywoodbets, but instead of being able to place two bets on the same round, in Cash or Crash you can hedge your bets by cashing out half of your money. Try it, you'll have a blast!

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For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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