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Dream Catcher Game Review | South Africa's Best Online Money Wheel Game Is Still a Classic!

Money wheels were popular long before online gambling even existed. They have been used on popular game shows like Wheel of Fortune and have a long-standing association with gameshows and live entertainment. 

Not only are money wheel games like Dream Catcher eye-catching and engaging but they are very easy to learn, making them attractive to new online casino players in South Africa. 

dream catcher game evolution south africa

The Dream Catcher game is one of Evolution’s earliest and most successful casino games and features similar gameplay and rules to the more adventurous Crazy Time without the bonus rounds. 

Dream Catcher combines the classic wheel of fortune with a live host and multipliers that can land you massive payouts.

What is the Dream Catcher game?

The Dream Catcher wheel is split into 54 different segments, with 52 of these containing numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) and a unique colour for each number. The other two segments are the silver 2x multiplier and the gold 7x multiplier. The objective is to predict where the wheel will stop, which is indicated by the clapper at the top of your screen. 

If the wheel stops where you predicted, you win your bet which is your stake multiplied by that number. For example, a winning bet on 5 pays out at odds of 5/1, 10 pays 10/1, 20 pays 20/1, etc. 

dream catcher game result

If the wheel stops on a multiplier, all bets stand and the host spins the wheel again. The resulting spin will be multiplied by 2x or 7x depending on which multiplier you got. The game host continues to spin the wheel until the spin ends with a result that is not a multiplier. 

With no limit to the number of possible multipliers before a winning bet, massive payouts can become a reality when playing Dream Catcher in South Africa! 

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How do you play the game Dream Catcher?

1️⃣ At the start of each round, the countdown time appears on the screen and you have 13 seconds to place your bets (minimum R1) on the bet spots showing the corresponding numbers beneath the wheel. 

2️⃣ To place your bets, select a chip amount before placing them on the number you predict to win as indicated by the various coloured blocks. 

dream catcher mobile betting south africa

3️⃣ Once the red light appears, your host will spin the wheel which will go around a few times before stopping. The number at the 12 o’clock position at the top of the wheel under the clapper is the winner.

4️⃣ All winning bets are paid out instantly before the next round of the Dream Catcher game begins.

livegames 400x400

Dream Catcher betting options

Sometimes it's easier to play Dream Catcher without having to worry about placing your bets within the allocated time limit. On the betting menu, there is the option to "Repeat" your last bet or "Double" your last stake on the next round. 

You can also speed up the game by using the "Autoplay" option which will keep repeating your last bet until you decide to turn off this feature.

Dream Catcher game download

There's no need to download Dream Catcher to start playing in South Africa. Simply sign up with any of these recommended online betting sites and log in to your account. You'll find the Dream Catcher game under the Casino or Live Games section alongside the other Evolution games.

dream catcher evolution casino game south africa

Dream Catcher game results

Above the betting area, a row of numbers indicates the Dream Catcher game results for the last 21 spins. Eight numbers are visible at a time but you can swipe left to see older Dream Catcher results. 

For more detailed Dream Catcher casino game results including the time of each spin, result, total winners and total payouts, you can visit Tracksino, an online casino tracking website.

dream catcher game results

How much can you win on Dream Catcher?

The maximum payout on Dream Catcher depends on which betting site you choose to play with. Generally speaking, more popular online bookmakers like Hollywoodbets and Betway have the best payouts, which for Evolution casino games like Dream Catcher is as much as R5 million.

how to play dream catcher on hollywoodbets

How do you play First Person Dream Catcher?

First Person Dream Catcher works much the same way as the live version which requires you to predict the number where you think the wheel will stop to win a payout. The only difference with First Person Dream Catcher is that you choose when the wheel spins, so you can play at your own pace. 

Without a charming host to engage with the players, some of the magic of the live Dream Catcher game is lost, but the First Person version is ideal for those who want a quick-resulting, low-data betting experience. 

betway pragmatic slots 300x250 gif

Dream Catcher game strategy

Like with all games of chance, Dream Catcher game strategies and betting tips are always what players are after. Our first Dream Catcher tip is to spend some time watching a few rounds of the game without placing a bet. Seeing how the game works will help you become familiar with all the steps involved before picking the ideal Dream Catcher strategy.

Watch us try out a few Dream Catcher game strategies to see if we can hit a winner!

In our opinion, the best Dream Catcher strategies aim to extend your playing sessions and provide you with more opportunities to win. Most of our Dream Catcher tips will help make your money last longer by not putting all your eggs in one basket but rather hedging your bets.

Everyone has their own playing style and budget, so there's not one Dream Catcher strategy that fits all. I've divided these Dream Catcher strategies into low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk. You can either choose one or combine them to create your own winning Dream Catcher strategy.

gbets welcome bonus south africa april 2023

Low Risk: Bet on the numbers 1, 2 and 10 to cover 42 segments out of 54. Place R2 on 10, R6 on 1 and R4 on 2. You’ll break even if 1 is the winning number, make R4 profit if the number 2 lands and make R12 profit if 10 lands. We advise you to stop playing once you've doubled your money.

Medium Risk: Bet on the numbers 2, 5 and 10 which will cover 48% of the wheel. Bet R4 on 2, R2 on 5 and R2 on 10. You’ll break even if the number 2 wins, make a R4 profit on 5 and earn R14 if 10 lands.

High Risk: A high-risk strategy is to bet R2 on each of the rarest numbers, being 10, 20 and 40 which make up only 12% of the wheel. Every winning bet will be profitable but you’ll also have quite a lot of losing spins. A less risky version of this strategy is to also bet R6 on the number 1 at the same time as the bigger numbers. This way you’ll slow down your losses but still have the opportunity to win big. 

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Where can I play Dream Catcher in South Africa?

We recommend playing Dream Catcher with one of these reputable online betting sites in South Africa. When signing up with any of the sites listed below, you'll get a Welcome Bonus you can use to play Dream Catcher.

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For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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