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Betway Spins FAQ | We Answer All Your Questions About Betway Slots in South Africa

Betway has always been the place where we like to make it BOOM with our soccer multibets, but now it's also the place to spin and win in South Africa! 

The introduction of slot games from Habanero to the platform is the best thing since sliced bread and we can't wait to answer all your questions about Betway Spins. 

how to play slots on betway

Below we give you the answers to all your most commonly asked questions about the Betway slots. Learn everything from how they work to how much you can win playing them.

If there's anything we don't cover here that you need to know, check out this section on our website dedicated to these slot games or drop us a mail at [email protected]

Can I play slots on Betway in South Africa?

Yes, you can! As of May 2022, Betway South Africa has launched slots on their site. You can now play 70 Habanero slot games on Betway and we expect that number to grow soon as more providers come to the party. We speculate as to which games those might be at the end of this article.

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How do I find the slot games on Betway?

1️⃣ Visit the Betway site and register or login.

2️⃣ Click "Casino Games" on the main menu.

3️⃣ Select "Slots" to see the full selection of games.

4️⃣ Click to load any game you want to play.

5️⃣ Select "Play Now" to play for real money or "Free Play" to try out the game for free.

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How do I play Betway Spins?

1️⃣ Visit the Betway site and login.

2️⃣ Click "Casino Games" on the main menu.

3️⃣ Select "Slots" to see all the Betway Spins games.

4️⃣ Click any icon to load a game you want to play.

5️⃣ Select "Play Now" to play for real money or "Free Play" to try out the game for free.

6️⃣ Wait for the game to load and read the paytable to see the payouts.

7️⃣ Before playing, click the coin pile icon to see your Bet Settings. Use the '➕' and '➖' buttons next to Bet Level and Coin to increase or decrease your Total Bet per spin. 

8️⃣ Once you are satisfied with your Bet Settings, click the '▶️' button to spin the reels and play the game.

9️⃣ Match symbols on the screen to create winning combinations.

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Which slot games does Betway have in South Africa?

Betway South Africa offers 70 Habanero games including all your favourites like Hot Hot FruitWealth Inn and Lucky Lucky. If you've played Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke, you'll be familiar with these games. 

Where can I watch a Betway slots demo?

Watch the Betway slots demo below where we take you through a few games so you can see how to play and what to expect.

YouTube video

Where can I download Betway slots?

You don't need to download any apps or software to play the slots on Betway South Africa. Simply visit the site, log in and select the "Slots" icon on the menu. Then click on any game to start playing.

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Which Betway slots game is easy to win?

Out of all 70 Betway slot games available, Lucky Lucky is probably the easiest Spina Zonke game to win. Why? Because it's a simple 3-reel slot with no complex paylines or features. Its simplicity allows you to focus on your betting strategy and not get distracted by anything else.

hollywoodbets spina zonke lucky lucky gameplay

What is the payout limit for Betway slots?

No matter what your bet size or jackpot, the most you can win from any spin on Betway slots is R2 million.

Which Betway slots game pays the most?

RTP is the best indicator of which Betway slot games pay the most. Hot Hot Fruit has an RTP of 96.84% which is one of the highest-paying games available in South Africa. It is also a very volatile game which means that the wins don't come often, but they are usually quite big when they do!

You can find the RTP of any Betway slots game by clicking the 'i' icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then select the "Help" tab and scroll down to where it says Return to Player. The higher the RTP percentage, the more the game pays out on average. 

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What is the best slot game on Betway?

It's hard to say what the best slot game is on Betway because it depends on what kind of themes, features and paylines you prefer. But with so much variety on offer, we guarantee that no matter what types of slot games you're looking for, there's something you'll love on Betway Spins!

How fast does Betway pay your slots winnings?

Betway pays out your winnings very quickly. If you request a withdrawal before 2pm, you should receive your slot winnings the same day. Betway also processes payments over the weekend so you won't have to wait until Monday to get paid if you make a withdrawal over the weekend. 

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Can I play Hot Hot Fruit on Betway?

Yes, you can play Hot Hot Fruit on Betway South Africa. The minimum bet size is 75c per spin. You can find the Hot Hot Fruit game on Betway by logging into your account, going to the main menu and looking under "Slots". Hot Hot Fruit is the very first game on the list of Betway slots. 

Does Betway have Free Play for its slot games?

It's always a good idea to try out a slot game before you start playing for real money. To start playing in Free Play mode, click the icon for any Betway slots game and select "Free Play". In Free Play mode, you can place bets for fake money and any wins or losses won't count.

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