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Soccer 13 Betting Guide

Soccer 13 is one of the most popular betting games in South Africa, and many other countries across the world. It is originally hosted by Svenska Spel, but TAB has a license for South Africa. This game is similar to other variants, such as Soccer 10, but the pool is bigger and the jackpot can be life-changing. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Soccer 13.

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Soccer 13 Tips

In Soccer 13, you are guessing the outcome of 13 matches, provided by the bookmaker. So, you don't get to choose the matches you will lay your bets on, every player that buys a ticket will try to guess the outcome of the same 13 matches.

You have three choices - Home Win (Team 1 Win), Draw, and Away Win (Team 2 Win). If you want to bet on team one, next to the betting pair, you will write "1". If you think that the game will end in a draw, write "2" next to the betting pair, and if you think that an away team will be victorious, write "3" next to the betting pair.

soccer 13 fixtures

Soccer 13 Matches

Soccer 13 is organized twice a week - you can buy a ticket for Saturday matches and Sunday and Midweek matches. You can view all the latest Soccer 13 matches and fixtures on various websites, including TAB and the National Lottery. They also have the latest matches posted for punters, so head over to any of the mentioned sites to see what matches are on offer.

Soccer 13 Payouts and Prizes

An average prize pool for the game is around R20 million! If only one ticket gets the main prize of all 13 correct, the guaranteed prize is R10 million.

There are three consolation prizes as well. If you guess 12 matches correctly, you will win 15% of the prize pool, which is usually around R9000. If you guess 11 matches correctly, you will win 12% of the prize pool, or around R485, while if you guess 10 correctly, the winnings should be around R110. The last 8% of the pool guarantees a R10 million payout when there is only one player who guessed all 13 matches correctly. You need a minimum of 10 correct selections to win a prize.

Soccer 13 Results

The latest results can be found on several sites but the best place to see the results is definitely on the TAB site. They list the lastest results, payouts and prizes for each game. So if you want to know the latest results or see what the payouts are we recommend you visit the site. The results will be split up into the following :

  • Winning combination - The correct selections needed to win the prize
  • Results for getting 10, 11 or 12 correct
  • Winners - How many winners there were for each dividend, the less the better!
  • Dividend - the amount that will be paid out to winning punters

soccer 13 results

Soccer 13 Rules

There are some rules that aren't easy to understand for the average punter. Therefore, you should read them all and memorise them to avoid unpleasant surprises. First, be aware of the time - the pools are closing two hours before the start of the first game on the ticket.

Also, if all matches are not completed by 9 AM the following day, they will be declared abandoned and all choices shall qualify. However, the provider reserves the right to extend the time for a match to be completed.

Soccer 13 Fixtures

Soccer 13 is divided into 2 fixture lists, one for the weekend and one for the week. The week fixtures are usually up on a Saturday / Sunday while you can expect to see the weekend one posted by Wednesday, every week.

Soccer 13 Strategies

There are several websites that offer paid tips for the game, we suggest you avoid these entirely as they are set up to make the punter fail.
Our tips for Soccer 13 are fairly simple and straightforward:

  • Budget your Soccer Betting - Makes sure you stick to it
  • Only play when regular teams are playing, stay away if you don't know the teams
  • Weekend fixtures are better than midweek ones - rather play over the weekend
  • Do your homework, there is a lot of information available to soccer punters on the internet, a quick google will give you the latest team news, results and more
  • See what others are doing - Follow free soccer 13 tipsters, compare your ticket to theirs and make changes

For more about online sports betting in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more. 

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