Hollywoodbets Mobile Login Guide

By Takunda

Hollywoodbets is one of South Africa’s favourite online bookmakers, with tens of thousands of punters logging in and betting on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll explain how to log in to Hollywoodbets from either your desktop or mobile.

The process is simple and it shouldn’t take more than a minute, so let’s get started with our Hollywoodbets login guide.


Login to Hollywoodbets

Before you can log in to Hollywoodbets you’ll need to register as a new customer. Skip this step if you’re already signed up, but if not, you must register with Hollywoodbets before you can continue. Read this guide for more help.

Now that you’ve got an account and want to visit the Hollywoodbets website from your phone or pc, once you’re on the main Hollywoodbets page you’ll notice on the top right side of the screen is a login form requesting that you fill in your username and password. It will look similar to the images below.

Hollywoodbets Desktop Login

Hollywoodbets Mobile Login

Enter your Username and Password

Once you’ve found the login section you’ll need to enter your Hollywoodbets account username and password. Your username can be an email, cellphone number etc, so be sure you enter the details correctly. Once you’ve entered your username you’ll now need to enter your password.

You enter the password on the section that says password, be sure to enter the password correctly as you’ll not see it displayed once entered. The Hollywoodbets password section is also case sensitive, so unless you want your login to fail you’ll need to enter both the username and password correctly.

Hollywoodbets Login

Now that you’ve entered the correct username and password for your account, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the box and once that’s done you’ll only need to click on the green login button to access your account.

If you’ve done everything correctly you’ll see a logged in screen displaying your balance and your Hollywoodbets account number. If you don’t see this screen then it means your login has failed, an area we’ll be covering a little further down.

Forgotten Password

If you’ve forgotten either your username or password you can contact Hollywoodbets support. Alternatively, there is an option on the site that allows punters to reset their password.

To reset your Hollywoodbets password click on the “Forgot Password” button located by the login section. Here you’ll have the option of receiving a new password via email or an SMS to your mobile phone.

Hollywoodbets Login Problems

Should you experience any issues accessing your account then you’ll need to contact Hollywoodbets support on any of the methods mentioned below:

Phone A Bet: 087 353 7633

Helpline: Tel: 087 353 7634

Email: hwhelpline@hollywoodbets.net

We hope you found this Hollywoodbets Mobile Login Guide useful. For more information about Hollywoodbets and other online bookmakers in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find reviews, promotions, betting tips and more. 

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