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Betway Voucher Deposit Guide | How to Top Up Your Online Betting Account Fast

Using a voucher is one of the easiest ways to top up your Betway account in South Africa. What makes voucher deposits so convenient is that you don’t need a bank account or card. Just buy a prepaid voucher at any participating retailer and use it to top up your Betway account.

Find out below which Betway vouchers are available in South Africa, where to buy them online and how to top up your betting account.

There are four different vouchers you can use on Betway and more are being added all the time! Betway vouchers offer a safe and easy way to store money and place bets without using a bank. You simply need to buy a Betway Voucher at any vendor/retailer in South Africa or online and then use it to deposit into your betting account.

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Betway Voucher PIN

You'll only need your Betway Voucher PIN after you've signed up for an account and have logged into the Betway site. On the homepage, click Deposit at the top right of your screen. Then select the type of voucher from the list of deposit methods. Lastly, enter your voucher PIN into the box and click Redeem for the funds to be credited.

Betway Voucher Stores

Go into any participating retailer and buy OTT Voucher1ForYou (or 1 Voucher)Kazang or Blu Voucher to top up your Betway account. Once you have your voucher, just log in to your Betway account and enter the voucher PIN to transfer the money to your balance. But we’ll tell you more about how to do that later!

Betway 1ForYou Voucher (Min: R5, Max: R1 500)

1ForYou, previously known as 1Voucher is another way you can top up your Betway account. 

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1ForYou vouchers are widely available in South Africa and can be bought at the following retail outlets:

πŸ›’ OK
πŸ›’ Ackermans

πŸ›’ Shoprite
πŸ›’ Checkers
πŸ›’ Usave
πŸ›’ Dealz
πŸ›’ House and Home
πŸ›’ Thyme Bank
πŸ›’ Pep (Home and Cell)
πŸ›’ Top It Up
πŸ›’ FLASH vendors

1ForYou Vouchers are available in the following denominations: R5, R10, R20, R50, R100, R200, R500. Customers can buy any voucher denomination from a FLASH trader or online.

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Other betting sites that accept 1ForYou Vouchers: Hollywoodbets, Gbets, Supabets, Sportingbet, Playabets

Buy 1ForYou Vouchers Online

You can also buy 1ForYou vouchers online from their website using a bank card. On the homepage, click Buy a 1ForYou Voucher at the top right of the page then follow these easy steps to buy and redeem your voucher:

1️⃣ Select your voucher type.

2️⃣ Select the amount you would like to purchase.

3️⃣ Specify how you want to receive the voucher (SMS or Email) and enter your details.

4️⃣ Select your payment type.

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Betway OTT Voucher (Min: R10, Max: R5 000)

Using an OTT Voucher is one of the fastest ways for punters in South Africa to top up their Betway accounts.

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These prepaid vouchers are available to buy at over 75 000 retail outlets nationwide, including:

πŸ›’ Boxer
πŸ›’ GloCell
πŸ›’ Caltex (Fresh Stop)
πŸ›’ Game
πŸ›’ Builders Warehouse
πŸ›’ Makro
πŸ›’ Cambridge Food
πŸ›’ PAV Telecoms
πŸ›’ Rhino
πŸ›’ A2Pay
πŸ›’ Just Right Communications
πŸ›’ People's Prepaid
πŸ›’ Cell Air
πŸ›’ R&A Cellular

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Buy OTT Vouchers Online

Customers can also now skip the queue and buy OTT Vouchers online using Callpay or Ozow without even having to visit a retail store!

OTT Vouchers are available in the following denominations: R5, R10, R20, R50, R100, R200 R500, R1000, R2000, R5000

Other betting sites that accept OTT Vouchers: Supabets, Diski Millions, Rugby Fundi, Soccer Tab

Betway Kazang Voucher (Min: R5, Max: R1 000)

Kazang is a safe, flexible way to deposit funds into your Betway account to bet on Sports, Live Games or Lucky Numbers! You can purchase these Betway vouchers from informal traders and retailers displaying a Kazang sign.

Kazang Vouchers are available in the following denominations: R10, R20, R30, R50, R100, R300, R500, R1000

Other betting sites that accept Kazang Vouchers: Hollywoodbets

Betway Blu Voucher (Min: R2, Max: R1 000)

Blu Voucher is a prepaid voucher you can use to pay bills or top up online accounts with their partners such as Betway. To redeem the voucher, you’ll just need to enter the 16-digit PIN and payment will be made immediately, without needing a bank account.

You can purchase Blu Voucher at any participating retailer, including:

πŸ›’ Spar
πŸ›’ Pep
πŸ›’ Game
πŸ›’ Checkers
πŸ›’ Cash Converters

Blu Vouchers are available in any denomination from R2 up to R1000 (you can choose your own amount).

Other betting sites that accept Blu Vouchers: Hollywoodbets, Gbets, Supabets

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How to spend your Betway Voucher

Topping up your Betway Account with a voucher is easy, just follow these steps:

1️⃣ Visit a vendor and purchase your voucher.

2️⃣ Log in or 
Sign Up with Betway.

3️⃣ Click Deposit at the top right of your screen.

4️⃣ Select the type of voucher from the list of deposit methods.

5️⃣ Enter the voucher PIN and click

6️⃣ Your funds will be credited to your account immediately.

7️⃣ Place your bets and have fun!

How to Buy Betway Vouchers using Airtime?

Unfortunately, for now, you're unable to convert your airtime into vouchers or credits on Betway. This would be a great idea and we hope the good people at Betway South Africa can make this a reality soon!

What if I Win with a Betway Voucher?

The money from any winning bets will be credited to your online Betway account. There are no physical Betway outlets in South Africa to collect your winnings in cash so you must withdraw funds to your bank.

Betway Voucher Not Working?

If your voucher isn’t working or you have any questions about making payments, contact customer support on the following numbers:

OTT Voucher ☎ 084 325 5632
1ForYou Voucher ☎ 083 903 5274 (MTN) / 084 193 5274 (Cell C)
Kazang Voucher β˜Ž 011 581 6700
Blu Voucher ☎ 0800 014 942

Start using Voucher Deposits at Betway today!

With so many different vouchers now available in South Africa, it’s now easier than ever to top up your betting account without a bank card. Betway Vouchers are readily available countrywide and make playing your favourite sports or games as easy as topping up your phone with airtime! Sign up with Betway now to claim your R25 Bonus!

Want to know more about Betway? Read our full review on South Africa's fastest-growing online bookmaker.Β 

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