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Betway Lucky Numbers | How to Play Your Favourite Lotteries with Betway Online

Get Your UK 49s Lucky Numbers

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When it comes to Lucky Numbers betting in South Africa, Betway is a pioneer in their field. They were one of the first online bookmakers to offer betting on the SA Lotto and lotteries from around the world. 

Most online betting sites now offer fixed-odds lottery betting, but Betway still boasts the widest range of Lucky Numbers games in South Africa, plus their mobile site and app are the easiest to use for playing lottery games!

russia gosloto betway lucky numbers draws

Betway Lucky Numbers

From as little as R1, you can place bets on the outcome of lotteries in 28 countries from anywhere on your mobile phone. At Betway, there are more than 160 Lucky Numbers games to choose from every 24 hours. 

So no matter what time of day or night you want to play, there's always a draw you can have a bet on. And with hundreds of betting markets available for each Lucky Numbers draw, there are so many ways to win!

Lucky Numbers is like betting on the lottery except for a few key differences which only help to make it more appealing and profitable. When placing a Lucky Numbers bet you aren't buying a ticket into the actual draw but rather betting on a certain outcome that can be verified.

You can try to guess all the numbers that will be drawn like in a standard lottery, or choose to predict a single number to give yourself a better chance of winning

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You can also bet on which colour the balls will be, what order the balls will be drawn, high/low numbers, odd/even numbers, single-digit numbers and much more.

How much you win from your Lucky Numbers bet is determined by the fixed odds you get. This means you're guaranteed the same payout no matter how many other winners there are. 

All the power is in your hands. The fewer numbers you choose to predict—or smaller odds you take—the better your chances of winning. But if you'd rather take a riskier bet and predict more numbers at bigger odds, you can do that too!

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Betway Lucky Numbers Login

To complete your Betway Lucky Numbers login your first step is to register for an online account if you haven’t done so already. New customers get R25 free to play with, so your first bet is already taken care of!

Next, locate the Betway Login screen at the top of your screen. Enter your mobile number and password before clicking the green “Log In” button to access your Betway account. Lastly, click the Lucky Numbers tab on the main menu or carousel to start placing your bets.

Lucky Numbers Generator

Get Your Russia Gosloto 7/49 Lucky Numbers

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Betway Lucky Numbers App 

For mobile betting, you can use the Betway Data Free App to play Lucky Numbers. On the app, the process for logging in to your account and locating the Lucky Numbers page is the same.

On the app, you also have the option to bet on Lucky Numbers in Data Free Mode which means you won't need data it airtime. Download the Betway Data Free App, so you can play these games without using airtime. Here's how the Betwy App works.

Betway Lucky Numbers Markets

There are two Lucky Numbers bet types available at Betway, each with a range of possible markets you can bet on.

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With Regular Draw bets, you must guess which numbers will be drawn like a standard lottery. The only difference is that you get to choose how many numbers you want to predict. 

For example, if you select the "2 Balls" market, you'll only need to correctly predict two of the balls drawn. If any of the balls drawn match your selections, you win your bet.


With Draw Sum bets, you must predict outcomes of the draw but you don't have to pick the exact numbers that come up. Some examples of Draw Sum bets include whether the sum (total) of the balls drawn will be Odd/Even, or whether the Bonus Ball will be a single-digit (Yes/No).

Betway Lucky Numbers Odds 

The odds you get for Lucky Numbers depends on how many balls (numbers) there are in the draw and which market you choose to bet on. Usually, the odds you get for predicting the exact numbers drawn are higher than other outcomes of the draw such as Draw Sum Odd/Even. 

To work out your Betway Lucky Numbers payout, simply multiply your stake by the odds of your bet. Your potential return will be shown at the bottom of your betslip once you've included your stake.

Betway Lucky Numbers Payouts

Betway pays out winning bets to punters within just a few minutes of the official draw results being confirmed. Your Lucky Numbers winnings will always get paid into your online betting account from where you can withdraw them as long as your account has been FICA verified. Here's how to FICA your Betway account.

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The easiest way to see Lucky Numbers results and if your bets have won, is to log in to your Betway account and check your balance at the top of the screen. If the amount hasn’t changed then you bet either lost or it hasn't yet been settled. 

To check the status of your Lucky Numbers bet, click the menu button in the top left of your screen. Under "Account" locate the "My Bets" tab where you can see if your Lucky Numbers bet has been settled and what amount was paid if your bet won. If your bet is still pending, check the time of the draw to ensure it's complete.

How to play Betway Lucky Numbers

If you're just getting started, here's a step-by-step guide for how to play Betway Lucky Numbers

1️⃣ Choose a lottery

On the Betway Lucky Numbers page, you'll find an extensive list of international lotteries to choose from. Upcoming draws are displayed in order from soonest to furthest away from starting.

You can also select a country to see all the relevant draws or use the search bar to find Lucky Numbers draw by name. Click to select any lottery and browse the available betting markets for your selected game.

2️⃣ Select your bet type

You'll see the available Lucky Numbers bet types such as Regular Draw and Draw Sum with various markets and odds available. Click the odds to bet on your chosen market.

3️⃣ Make your selections

For Regular Draw bets, the next step is to pick your numbers. Either select them manually from the grid by clicking the numbers you want or have them chosen for you by clicking "Quick" (random selection), "Cold" (rare numbers) or "Hot" (common numbers). Then click "Add" to move your selection/s to your betslip.

For Draw Sum bets, simply click the odds to select your market and you're ready to place your bet. You won't need to select any specific numbers.

4️⃣ Place your bet

Click "View Bets" to access your betslip and see your selections. To bet on multiple draws, click where it says "1 Draw" and change the number to anywhere between 1 and 10. You have the option to bet on the same draw every time it happens over a one-week period.

You can also change your stake size per bet. Enter your stake where it says "Bet Amount". Your potential return is displayed as if you had won every draw you bet on. When you're done, click "Bet Now" to confirm your wager.

NB: You can make multiple bets on the same draw but you can't include multiple draws on the same betslip.

5️⃣ View your bet history

The "Wagers" tab on the Betway Lucky Numbers page provides a useful summary of your bets including the transaction date, description, odds, bet settlement status, stake and payouts.

List of Betway Lucky Numbers Draws 

At Betway you can make money predicting the outcome of lotteries in countries on every continent, with more than 170 draws happening daily. 

Some popular Lucky Numbers draws you can play online at Betway include:

✅ SA Lotto

SA Powerball

UK 49s Lunchtime Draw

UK 49s Teatime Draw

✅ EuroMillions

Russia Gosloto

Greece Powerball

USA Mega Millions

✅ Irish Lotto

✅ Plus lots more!


Betway Lotto

There are hundreds of international lotteries available at Betway but the South African Lotto is still one of the most popular to play with a whole host of local draws happening on different days of the week.

Here’s how to bet on the SA Lotto at Betway:

1️⃣ Go to the Betway site.

2️⃣ Click “Lucky Numbers” on the menu.

3️⃣ Click the "Select Country" dropdown menu and choose South Africa.

4️⃣ Select a lottery draw (e.g. SA Daily Lotto, SA Powa Numbas, SA Lotto Draw Plus, etc).

5️⃣ Choose a bet type and market.

6️⃣ Select your numbers.

7️⃣ Enter your stake and confirm your bet.

8️⃣ Wait for the draw results to see if you’ve won!

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Betway Lucky Numbers Results

On the Betway Lucky Numbers Results page, you can view results from all the latest draws, including the SA Lotto, UK 49s, Russia Gosloto, Greece Powerball, EuroMillions, USA Mega Millions and many more. 

Checking out the latest Betway Lucky Numbers results to see if you’ve won couldn’t be easier! Log in to your Betway account and select "Lucky Numbers" from the menu to see a list of completed draws.

Next, click the Results tab below the maroon and black Lucky Numbers banner. The latest Lucky Numbers results are listed by date, but you can also search for them by game or draw ID depending on what’s easiest for you.

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Betway Lucky Numbers Tips and Predictions

Want to know how to win Lucky Numbers? There are many different Lucky Numbers tips and strategies you can use to help make better predictions. It's important to remember that any lottery is a game of chance and there are no guarantees you'll win, but try these Lucky Numbers tips the next time you play. 

💡 Use your birthday

Why not use the numbers of your birthday to see if they can make you a winner? For example, if your birthdate is 6/12/1987, then use any of these numbers for betting. Use them all at once or even just the year, day or month of your birthday depending on how many numbers you want to bet on. 

💡 Go with your gut

Which numbers appear in your head when you close your eyes and just think? These are probably your lucky numbers because they found their way to you all on their own. Try betting on lottery games using these numbers and see if they can bring you any luck!

💡 Try our Lucky Numbers Dream Guide

If you feel the answers lie in your subconscious mind, you can also use our Lucky Numbers & Fafi Dream Guide to help convert your dreams into numbers for betting. Our popular guide contains hundreds of words with numbers listed alongside them. Look through the list for those objects that appeared in your dream and write down all the associated numbers.

💡 Always pick the same numbers

Most of us have picked winning numbers on the wrong week. To avoid this happening, try sticking to the same numbers every time you play. It's boring, but picking the same numbers means they'll come up eventually and this also makes it easier to remember them. 

💡 Use Auto Pick

When you play Lucky Numbers, as long as you bet on the same market, your odds of winning are always the same. You've got an equal chance of winning by picking random numbers as thinking hard about it. So use Auto Pick and make life easier because you've got nothing to lose! 

Horoscope Lucky Numbers and Birthday Numbers

There are a few more interesting ways you can make your selections when betting on the UK 49s in South Africa. Try using your Birthday Lucky Numbers which say a lot about you and can be extremely lucky! But if you'd rather look to the stars for answers, your Horoscope Lucky Numbers might be your best bet.

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For more about online sports betting, casinos and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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