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BetGames War of Bets - A Step-by-Step Guide For How to Play This Card Game

Playing casino games or Betgames is one of the amazing and refreshing ways of spending your evening after a busy day or even your weekend after a busy week. When it comes to the war of bets, you do not have to be experienced to get winning scores, as long as you can follow simple instructions.

In fact, among the diverse casino games, the Betgames war of bets game is among the most rewarding games in terms of pay. It is simple and straightforward and you have no reason for not starting.

Below we'll provide you with all the important details, rules and expectations that you need before starting.

War of Bets by BetGames

This is a standard game played in the casino. It involves a simple affair that deals with a single card on both hands.
Players are then invited to place a bet on which card will be higher. A tie, also known as a war occurs when both the dealer and player card have the same value.

The war of games uses extraordinarily larger cards for easier readability among gamers. This is a live game that you engage in and there are audio and video buttons in the control.

Some companies have really made this game incredible by customizing the playing area to look like a pirate’s ship. This version takes the game to another level and is very engaging for players.

war of bets

Other betting companies utilize bet games studios where they use high-quality cameras to capture the live proceeding. You can see the player and dealer cards and successfully follow the game to the end.

How to play War of Bets

Just like any other game, the war of bets has its rules that must be followed in order to win. First, before the start of the game, as a player, you’ll be required to place a wager.

This happens by choosing the money you wish to bet and the anticipated betting outcome. Once the game has started, you can place another bet once the odds are updated. Before the end of the game, players are allowed a maximum of two bet rounds.

As a lottery game, the betting company which runs the game has the discretion of setting the betting limits of the players as well as the time schedule when the game is aired.


Betgames on your mobile

Technology is increasingly changing how casino games are played.
When it comes to the War of Bets, you can participate in the game through your PC or mobile devices. When you choose your PC, you are assured of better visibility of the game and reduced chances of making a mistake when placing your bet.

You can also use mobile devices such as your mobile phone or tablet. These allow flexibility as you can bet wherever you are. Unfortunately, the visibility may not be as good as that of the PC and the chances of placing a wrong bet are high. However, with enough practice, your mobile device shouldn’t stop you from winning big.

War of Bets Betting

The game is played between two sides – the Player and the Dealer. The dealer deals one card face-up to each side in every draw of the game. Cards are dealt one at a time and the Player always receives the first card. The goal of the game is to get a higher card according to the ranking (Aces are the highest cards only and deuces are the lowest).

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A War (Tie) occurs if the Player and the Dealer have the same value cards. In this situation War (Tie) outcome wins, both Dealer and Player loses.

First-round bets can be placed even before the cards are dealt. Punters can bet on one or more available outcomes. Second round bets can be placed after the Player receives the first card and odds are updated.

Bets made in the previous betting round have no influence on further bets therefore punters can place bets on the same or different outcomes more than once. In the event of a War (Tie) punters who placed bets on this outcome are paid their winnings. Bets placed on the Player and (or) the Dealer are lost.

War of Bets Rounds and Betting

1️⃣ The first betting round. Bets can be placed even before the cards are dealt, during the first betting round. Punters can bet on one or more available outcomes.

2️⃣ The second betting round. After the first betting round the Player receives the card and new odds for the betting outcomes are displayed on the screen and the second betting round begins. Bets made in the first betting round have no influence on bets of the second betting round, therefore punters can place bets on the same or different outcomes more than once.

3️⃣ End of the game, result announcement. After the second betting round Dealer gets a card face-up, the outcome of the draw is determined and a new draw begins.

4️⃣ When less than 40 cards remain in the shoe the dealer announces that the shoe will be changed after a draw.
The dealer places all used and unused cards in the box of used cards. The empty shoe is replaced with a full shoe of shuffled cards. The full box of used cards is emptied and placed back on the table. This change is made in real-time when punters can see it.

5️⃣ After a change of cards is completed, the dealer announces that 3 – 6 cards from the top of the newly presented shoe will be discarded. A number of cards(3/4/5/6) discarded are generated randomly during each change of cards.

6️⃣ The shuffle of cards. When the shoes are changed, the second dealer comes and shuffles the cards while everyone sees it and prepares the cards for dealing.

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