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Hollywoodbets BetGames | Your Easy Guide to Playing These Cool Live Games

When you see the huge range of BetGames available at Hollywoodbets, it’s no surprise they are many punters' first choice when it comes to playing Live Games in South Africa.

By continually adding more exciting titles to their BetGames TV lobby, they've answered the call from South Africans punters who want quick-resulting betting games they can play anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Keep reading for how to get started with BetGames at Hollywoodbets. We show you how to play these games, where to find BetGames results and give you BetGames tips and strategies to help you win.

Hollywoodbets BetGames

BetGames were the first legal Live Games to come to South Africa and they are still some of the most in-demand games today. Playing Wheel of Fortune was how many punters got introduced to BetGames but there are many others like Dice Duel and Speedy 7 which are now equally popular.

hollywoodbets data free app south africa (570x372)

What makes BetGames so fun and easy is that new rounds start every 3-5 minutes and you can play from as little as R1 on any device, 24 hours a day. There are 12 BetGames available at Hollywoodbets which include lottery games, card games, dice games as well as live-dealer table games like Poker and Baccarat. They are all live-hosted and streamed from a beautiful studio location so it feels like you're sitting right there at the table.

BetGames offer the chance to win big by betting on hundreds of outcomes at odds both big and small. With your bets placed, you can simply sit back and watch the games unfold live on the Hollywoodbets site to see if you get lucky.

If you win, your betting account will be credited immediately and you can withdraw your funds as long as you have FICA verified your Hollywoodbets account.

How To Play BetGames on Hollywoodbets

While the rules for how to play every game are different, the process for placing a bet on Hollywoodbets BetGames is as follows:

1️⃣ Log in to Hollywoodbets.

2️⃣ Deposit into your account if necessary.

3️⃣ Select "BetGames Africa" from the menu.

4️⃣ Choose one of 12 BetGames available.

5️⃣ Scroll below the image/live stream for all your betting options.

6️⃣ If the odds are greyed out and locked, wait for the current round to finish.

7️⃣ Click the odds to add any selection to your betslip.

8️⃣ Enter your stake in the betslip where it says "Amount".

9️⃣ Click the "Place Bet" button to confirm your bet. Watch the live draw or game to see if you've won!

Hollywoodbets BetGames Login

To initiate your Hollywoodbets BetGames login, you must first register with Hollywoodbets. If you're a new customer, you'll get a R25 Sign Up Bet to play your choice of Sports, Lotteries or Live Games at Hollywoodbets. Here's how to register.

BetGames available at Hollywoodbets

Here's 12 exciting BetGames you can play at Hollywoodbets:

🎲 Lucky 5

🎲 Lucky 6

🎲 Lucky 7

🎲 Speedy 7

🎲 Bet on Poker

🎲 Wheel of Fortune

🎲 6+ Poker

🎲 Bet on Baccarat

🎲 Dice Duel

🎲 War of Bets

🎲 Rock Paper Scissors (NEW!)

🎲 Andar Bahar (NEW!)

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Lucky 5

BetGames Lucky 5  combines a numbered-ball lottery draw with fixed-odds betting on any number of different outcomes. Five balls out of a possible 36 are drawn from the hopper with 4 different colours available.

betgames lucky 5 new studio

In each round, there are about 100 betting options related to the draw to choose from. Place your bets before the time is up and the live draw begins. If you’re too slow, don't worry, you can always bet on the next draw which only a few minutes away! 

Watch how to play BetGames Lucky 5
Test this Lucky 5 strategy

Lucky 6

BetGames Lucky 6 works the same as the others, the only difference being the number of balls selected and the total number of balls available. In total, there are 30 blue balls and 30 red balls numbered from 0 to 9. You can bet on outcomes related to the six balls out of a possible 60 which are drawn from the hopper.

betgames lucky 6 live new studio

Markets available for Lucky 6 include Numbers, Colours, Count, Odd/Even and Total Sum. Take bets with a high chance of winning at low odds or more risky bets which pay big! 

Watch how to play BetGames Lucky 6
Test this Lucky 6 strategy

Lucky 7

BetGames Lucky 7 is one of three BetGames available on Hollywoodbets which involves a lottery-style draw and betting at fixed odds. Choose from more than 70 different outcomes related to the seven balls out of a possible 42 drawn from the hopper which are either yellow or black.

betgames lucky 7 relaunch new studio

Watch how to play BetGames Lucky 7
Test this Lucky 7 strategy

Speedy 7

BetGames Speedy 7 is a live-dealer card game where players must predict whether the colour of the next card dealt will be red or black. A total of 7 cards are dealt per game, and you must bet on the colour of each card before it's drawn. 

If you guess correctly, you'll get paid out at odds of 9/10. If you manage to get 4 or 7 consecutive correct predictions, you qualify for bonus wins. Players can join or leave a round of Speedy 7 at any time during the seven-card deal.

Watch how to play BetGames Speedy 7
Test this Speedy 7 strategy

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Bet On Poker

BetGames Bet On Poker is a unique format of the popular card game in which you're dealt six hands at the same time. At the start of each round, place bets on positions 1-6 based on how well you think each hand will fair.

Each game includes four rounds of betting and the odds for each hand are adjusted after every draw. You can place any number of bets as well as any combination of bets. If there's more than one hand with the best combination, the game ends in a draw and your stake is returned.

Watch how to play BetGames Poker
Test this BetGames Poker strategy

Wheel of Fortune

BetGames Wheel Of Fortune is a money wheel with 19 numbered segments that recently had a makeover. Bet on where the flapper will stop on the wheel once it has finished spinning.

Each segment is numbered 1-18 and coloured red, grey, or black. The 19th segment is the bonus, which pays 17.5/1 if you predict it correctly.

Other betting options for Wheel of Fortune include Numbers (single numbers, ranges, high/low), Colours (grey, red or black segment) and Odd/Even (overall, grey, red or black segment). 

Watch how to play Wheel of Fortune
Test this Wheel of Fortune strategy

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BetGames 6+ Poker is played against the dealer but with a reduced deck of 36 cards. In the first betting round, bet on what kind of hand you think you'll get. Weaker hands like a pair offer small odds while stronger hands like a straight can pay big.

You then have the opportunity to bet again before each card is revealed. In Poker 6+, the aim is to bet on whether the dealer or player will win the round, or if it will be a draw/tie. If you don’t have a good hand, you can bet against yourself and turn your luck around!

Watch how to play BetGames 6+ Poker
Test this 6+ Poker strategy

Bet on Baccarat

BetGames Baccarat is a battle between the player and the banker where your aim is to correctly predict who wins or if it will be a draw/tie. Bet on Baccarat is played the same way as normal Baccarat except that in this version there are more betting options. 

You can place bets before the cards are dealt and again after the first cards are dealt. Also make side bets on a Player Pair, Banker Pair, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, Small or Big. Other betting options include Colour, Suit and Odd or Even.

Watch how to play BetGames Baccarat
Test this Baccarat strategy 

Dice Duel

BetGames Dice Duel is a fast-paced game featuring two standard dice. Your gorgeous hostess places the dice in a box, shakes them, and then rolls the dice into a box. The aim is to predict which dice (red or blue) has the higher number, but there are 28 total possible outcomes to choose from.

You can also bet on a certain number being rolled on either die, the number of pips on either dice being odd or oven, the total pips combined being over or under a certain number, and lots more. 

Watch how to play BetGames Dice Duel
Test this Dice Duel strategy

War of Bets

BetGames War of Bets is probably the easiest of all the BetGames to play. In each round, one card is drawn for the player, and another for the dealer with opportunities to bet before each. Two's are the lowest-value cards and Aces are the highest.

How the game works is that you bet on who will get the higher card or if there will be a tie (War). The dealer’s card is revealed to determine the winner. The side with the highest card wins unless there's a tie in which case both sides lose. 

Watch how to play War of Bets
Test this War of Bets strategy

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Andar Bahar

This traditional Indian card game is fairly easy to play and named after the two main bets called Andar and Bahar. To start the game, the dealer deals a single card face up (known as the Joker card). He then alternates between dealing one card for Andar and another for Bahar. The first card to match the dealer's card wins the game.

Aside from Andar and Bahar, you can also take side bets on how many cards will be required for a win in the game. The more cards it takes to find a winner the bigger the odds. Other bets include predicting the suit and total of the Joker card.

Watch how to play Andar Bahar
Test this Andar Bahar strategy

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is a card betting game based on the popular playground game we all played at school. The rules for this game couldn't be simpler. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beats paper. The BetGames version of the game is no different from the one you've played before except that the usual hand signals are represented as cards.

To win the game, your selected symbol (rock, paper or scissors) must beat the symbol drawn by the dealer. In each round, you must bet on either rock, paper or scissors in two different blocks (silver and gold). Betting on silver has a higher chance of winning with smaller odds, while betting on gold can give you a bigger payout but there's more risk involved.

Watch how to play Rock Paper Scissors
Test this Rock Paper Scissors strategy

Where to find BetGames Results

At the end of each round, BetGames results are displayed on-screen. But you can also check out the official BetGames results page to see if you've won. Here you can view results for all the latest games to help you strategise or watch recordings of ones you missed.

Hollywoodbets BetGames Tips & Strategies

For BetGames tips and strategies, check out the videos listed with each game review above. Also, subscribe to the Best Sports Betting YouTube channel for BetGames reviews, tips and strategies.

Where else to play BetGames in South Africa

Hollywoodbets is not the only online bookmaker in South Africa that offers BetGames. Register with any of these top-rated online betting sites to start playing BetGames, Sports, Lotteries, Virtuals and more!

➡️ Betway South Africa (R25 Sign Up Bet)

➡️ Playabets (R1 000 First Deposit Bonus)

➡️ Sportingbet (R2 000 Welcome Bonus or R50 Free Bet)

➡️ Sunbet (R1 000 First Deposit Bonus)

➡️ Gbets (R1 000 Deposit Bonus or R30 Free Bet)

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Have you tried the BET TV games on Hollywoodbets?

Hollywoodbets TV BET games have a similar look and feel to the BetGames range with some small differences. These games are even better for saving data, making TV BET games ideal for mobile betting.

With new rounds starting every 1-3 minutes, there's non-stop betting action and a decent variety of games to choose from no matter your preferences. The list of games available includes casino table games like Poker and Blackjack plus lotteries with various number ranges and amounts of balls drawn.

Read more about TV Bet games on Hollywoodbets and how to play.

hollywoodbets tv bet games lobby south africa

For more about online sports betting, lotteries and casinos in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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