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Hollywoodbets Split the Pot Games | New Titles Don't Have Much To Offer

Hollywoodbets have introduced some new games from Split the Pot, a Swedish software provider which focuses on games that are light on data and easy to play. These games work seamlessly on any mobile device with limited network speed and are compatible with most browsers.

One game we like is called Paper Plane, which is similar to Aviator but doesn't have as many features and betting options available. Overall we are not overly impressed with the new Split the Pot games on Hollywoodbets as they do not offer much of anything new to punters in South Africa. 

Watch us play all the Split the Pot games on Hollywoodbets

We review the new Split the Pot games available on Hollywoodbets and aren't that impressed by what they offer.

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For a chance to win your share of R35 000 in cash, bet R5 or more on the selected weekly game, and opt-in on the promotions page for all your bets to be entered into the draw. This competition runs from 3 October to 20 November 2022.

hollywoodbets split the pot promo november 2022

Where to find the Split the Pot games on Hollywoodbets

To find the Split the Pot games on Hollywoodbets, simply login to your Hollywoodbets account. Select "Split the Pot" from the main menu. Start playing any title by clicking the icon and then waiting for the game to load. For instructions on how to play, click the 'i' button on the right side of the control panel.

where to find the split the pot games on hollywoodbets

Split the Pot Game Reviews


Dig to find the hidden Aztec treasure while being careful to avoid dangerous obstacles. The goal of this game is to increase the multiplier to excavate more layers and find treasure. If you open a field with the skull beneath it, your bet loses.

At every step, you'll see your current payout and your potential payout if you excavate all the remaining fields. In fields, 4, 7, and 10, there's the possibility of opening a treasure with an additional multiplier of 2x or 11x. Whenever treasure is found, you can choose to proceed to the next field or cash out.


Pick one number you want to climb up to, then try to get as high as you can. The higher you manage to climb without falling, the more you can win up to 1 000 000 times your stake! The goal is always to get the same result or better than the multiplier you've chosen.

If your bet wins, your payout includes the stake and the profit based on the target multiplier, not on what happens in the game. Your bet will lose if you don't get as high as your target multiplier.

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Gold Rush

The aim of this game is to reveal what's behind as many tiles as possible without finding a bomb. The more tiles you manage to open, the more your potential payout increases. But if you find a bomb, your bet loses.

There are three difficulty levels you can choose from: 

🎚 Easy = 3 bombs
🎚 Medium = 5 bombs
🎚 Hard = 8 bombs
🎚 Insane = 18 bombs

The harder you choose to make the game the more money you can win!

Paper Plane

In this game, you must fly a paper plane over or under a value you choose. You never know how far it will fly or where it will land. But if your paper plane happens to land on the right track, you can win big!

Whether you win or lose depends on the number you roll and the settings you choose. You can either select your distance and choose between Over or Under that amount. Or you can select a multiplier for the game which will automatically set the outcome to match the target multiplier.

12312313f f f f

Rock Paper Scissors

Just like the classic game from the school playground, Rock Paper Scissors is simple but so much fun to play! Your only goal is to beat the other player by picking a hand signal which is stronger than theirs.

Here's how the game works:

➡ Rock beats scissors
➡ Scissors beat paper
➡ Paper beats rock

You'll get the same fixed odds for whichever hand signal you choose and whether you win all comes down to making the right choice!

Street Dice

This one will keep you entertained for hours, testing out different strategies for throwing the dice. The goal of the game is simply to guess the outcome of the rolled numbers.

There are three bet types you can choose from, including Over/Under, Correct Score and Ranges. Your potential payout for each type of bet is shown beneath each selection. 

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Game Controls & Features

To enhance your playing experience, there are a few controls and features on the Supabets Cashout Games interface you need to know about.

Quick Mode 

Quick Mode makes any game ultra fast. If Quick Mode is turned on, the game shows the numbers rolling to reach a result 10x faster than normal.


You can open the Statistics panel by pressing the "%". The information shown here includes the number of bets made, number of winning and losing bets, the percentage change of your current balance (green - profit, red - loss), total amount wagered amount during the session, as well as profit made.

hollywoodbets split the pot banner

Bet Settings

Auto: To start an auto-betting session, press the “Auto” button, and it will reveal additional settings a player can use.

Number of rounds: Choose upfront how many bets you want to place. The game will automatically stop after the number of bets has been placed.

Max stake: Define up to which amount the auto-betting will keep on placing bets. If the bet amount reaches the defined “max stake”, it will no longer continue increasing the bet amount for all future bets.

Did you know you can also play these games over on Supabets? You can find them under Instant Games in the Cashout Games section. Read more about the Split the Pot Games available on Supabets.

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For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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