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What is the Best Time to Play Online Slots in South Africa? 

Something you often hear being talked about within the South African online betting community is that playing casino slot games like Spina Zonke on certain days and times makes it easier to win more money. We all wish there was a magic trick that made it easier to win online slots, but no such thing exists anywhere in the universe!

So, what is the best time to play slots on Betway and other sites like Hollywoodbets?

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Here's the truth because you need to hear it: The answer is any time you feel like it. The day of the week and time of day make zero difference to your chances of winning casino slots in South Africa. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

So how come? Because slots are programmed via a Random Number Generator (RNG) to pay out a certain amount over billions of spins. You can think of an RNG as the brains of the slot machine that provides the randomness required for casino games based completely on chance.

We often get asked what is the best time to play online slots in South Africa. The truth might disappoint you but read on for some good advice to help you win!

How does an RNG work?

Whether you win R1 or R1 million on any given spin is determined by the RNG inside the game and you can be sure these algorithms never take into consideration the date or time of day when you choose to play. How these rumours start about what the best time is to play slots in South Africa is that a few punters happen to win big on the same day of the week or even the same time of day. These players then talk to one another and find out they won at roughly the same time. But what you need to remember is that thousands of players win every day at different times of the day. Just because you and your friend both won playing Hot Hot Fruit at 3 pm on a Sunday doesn't make it a lucky time to play. So you must remember that winning times are completely random and there's no proof that if you play at the same time next week, you'll be lucky again! 

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Feeling disappointed? Don't despair!

Before you think it's all doom and gloom for punters trying to win playing online slots, don't get the wrong idea. There are still ways to improve your chances of winning when playing casino slots online in South Africa. 

But if you're looking to make money, rather spend your time and energy focusing on factors under your control that can make a real difference to winning like checking the RTP of every game you play.

Here are two helpful tips we can share for playing online slots in South Africa: 

1️⃣ Play the Jackpot Race every week!

The absolute best way to improve your chances of winning big playing online slots in South Africa is to enter the Spina Zonke Jackpot Race every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night from 8:30 until 10:30 pm. During these two hours as much as R500 000 in cash can be won in addition to your payouts during normal gameplay. 

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How it works is that a jackpot payout time is randomly selected before the race starts. To enter, you must bet R2 or more on qualifying slot games during the race. Cash prizes of between R500 and R100 000 are awarded to players depending on how close they placed their bet to the jackpot triggering time.

Here are some tips you can use to help you win the Spina Zonke JAckpot Race

2️⃣ Cheat by buying bonuses or free spins

Usually, slot features are triggered by symbols like Scatters or Wilds which appear at random on the reels. When matched with other symbols, these can create winning combinations or trigger Free Spins. Some online slots in South Africa have the option available to buy features for a multiple of your bet size (e.g. 100x). 

Check out these 3 slot games from Habanero that let you buy features in South Africa

Buying a feature takes you straight to the bonus round where you can pick up Free Spins, Multipliers and other goodies, depending on the game. Bonus Buys don't guarantee bigger payouts, but spending a little extra can certainly help you get lucky! Learn more about the Top 3 Hollywoodbets slots that allow you to buy features or how to buy features on Pragmatic Play slots in South Africa.

So now that you know there is no "best time" to play online slots in South Africa, you might be wondering which other gambling mistruths are out there. Read about other Spina Zonke myths which are doing the rounds!

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For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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