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BetGames Lucky 7 Strategy Guide | How to Play South Africa's Favourite Draw and Win

BetGames are the original live draw games, and for many punters in South Africa, playing these games was their first introduction to online betting. They combine the fun and excitement of a live lottery draw with a slick studio, sexy presenters and lots of betting options to choose from. 

BetGames Lucky 7 is a fair and regulated game that is not only streamed live for complete transparency but the software used is regulated and verified by gambling authorities around the world to give you peace of mind. 

betgames lucky 7 new betgames studio

Sit back, relax and enjoy this guide on how to play BetGames Lucky 7. We explain the rules for how this draw works and where to play in South Africa, plus give you tips that can help you win. 

What is BetGames Lucky 7?

BetGames Lucky 7 is the most popular of all the BetGames lottery games, both online and inside betting shops around South Africa. How it works is that seven balls are drawn from a machine out of a possible 42 (21 yellow and 21 black balls). You can bet on various outcomes related to the results of the draw with the possibility of winning up to 1800x your stake!

hollywoodbets betgames lucky 7

How does BetGames Lucky 7 work?

BetGames Lucky 7 is similar to Lucky 5, except there are more balls drawn and extra betting options. Each ball is assigned a number and a colour. The 21 even-numbered balls are yellow and the 21 odd-numbered balls are black.

The object of the game is to predict and bet on one or any combination of balls drawn from the machine by your charming presenter. Lucky 7 is available to play in South Africa 24/7 with various online betting sites and a new game round starts every 5 minutes.

How to play BetGames Lucky 7

The rules for how to play BetGames Lucky 7 are fairly simple. The only thing you'll need is an online betting account and then just follow the easy steps below:

1️⃣ Log in to your betting account and make a deposit to your account if necessary.

2️⃣ Select "BetGames" from the menu.

3️⃣ When you enter the BetGames lobby, you'll need to select "Lucky 7" from the menu. You'll see a timer at the top of the game screen indicating how much longer before the next round starts.

betgames lucky 7 select game

4️⃣ Scroll below the game screen to see all your betting options. Use the vertical menu to switch between different betting categories like Numbers, Black/Yellow Balls Total, Total Sum, etc. 

betgames lucky 7 sum total markets

5️⃣ Click to select a betting market and choose your numbers (where necessary). 

6️⃣ Enter the amount you want to bet under "Amount" and click "Place Bet" to confirm your selection. On your betslip, you can also choose to click "Add one more bet" and create a multiple with a bet from another game.

betgames lucky 7 betslip

7️⃣ The message “Bet accepted” will appear after your bet is placed.

8️⃣ Once the timer has reached zero, the presenter proceeds to draw the balls and announce each number as soon as it appears. 

betgames lucky 7 gameplay

9️⃣ Once all seven balls have been drawn, the round is over and any winning bets will be paid out immediately. You can choose to play the very next round or think more about your betting options before playing again.

Watch this easy instructional video on how to play BetGames Lucky 7

BetGames Lucky 7 Betting

The great thing about Lucky 7 and other BetGames lottery draws, is the wide range of betting options available which amounts to 6 categories and 78 different markets. 

Unlike in a standard lottery where you must predict every number drawn, Lucky 7 allows you to choose how many numbers you want to bet on each time. There are also other Lucky 7 betting options related to the total sum and colours of the balls drawn. 

hollywoodbets data free app south africa (570x372)

Here are the various Lucky 7 betting categories available:

NUMBERS: This is like the normal lottery where you simply predict which numbers will be dropped. The difference here is that you can choose to bet on whether 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 of your selected numbers will be dropped. Seven correct numbers can pay up to 1800 times your stake!

BLACK YELLOW SUM TOTAL: Bet on whether the Total Sum of the black or yellow balls will be MORE or LESS than 73.5.

TOTAL SUM: In this category, you'll find different bets available on the Total Sum of the dropped balls. You can bet on whether it will be MORE or LESS than the given number.

betgames lucky 7 lobby

TOTAL COUNT: Bet on whether the number of dropped yellow or black balls will be MORE or LESS than the given number. 

ODD/EVEN: Bet on whether the Total Sum or Number of dropped balls will be Odd or Even, including the first and last balls to appear.

BLACK/YELLOW: This category offers betting options on the colour of the first, second and last ball dropped or whether there will be more black or yellow balls.

easybet sign up bonus r50 betting guide banner

BetGames Lucky 7 odds and payouts

The 78 available markets on Lucky 7 each have varying probabilities and payouts. By betting on specific numbers to be dropped you can increase your potential payout but your chances of winning will be reduced. Whereas options like Black/Yellow Balls Total and Odd/Even will make it much easier to win but your payout won't be bigger than the odds of 3.60.

Here's a Lucky 7 Odds and Payouts summary (odds taken from Betway):

NUMBERS: Odds range from 1/10 to 1799/1

BLACK YELLOW SUM TOTAL: All odds of 17/20

TOTAL SUM: Odds range from 3/20 to 18/1

TOTAL COUNT: Odds range from 1/100 to 189/1

ODD/EVEN: Odds range from 17/20 to 14/5

BLACK/YELLOW: Odds range from 4/5 to 17/20


BetGames Lucky 7 Results

You can find Lucky 7 results from the past five draws by clicking the graph icon on the BetGames menu while playing on a site like Betway or by visiting the official BetGames results page. You can filter by date, game name or draw number to help find what you're looking for.

betgames lucky 7 results page

Alternatively, you can wait for the draw to complete and view Lucky 7 results in your bet history. If your bet wins, it should be settled by the bookmaker immediately and your balance should reflect your winnings. 

Watch this video which explains how to find BetGames Lucky 7 results

BetGames Lucky 7 Strategy

Using a good strategy when playing BetGames Lucky 7 can help you manage your bankroll more effectively and increase your chances of winning. There are many different approaches you can take, some that have a better chance of coming in and others that are riskier but the payoff can be huge! 

Watch this video to discover some of our favourite BetGames Lucky 7 Strategies that can help you win

Let's take you through some useful BetGames Lucky 7 strategies you can try to see which one works best for you:

💡 None Of Your Numbers Strategy

It's often easier to bet against a number coming up than trying to predict when a specific number will be drawn. My favourite Number bet on Lucky 7 is "NONE of the SEVEN selected numbers will be dropped" which pays out at generous odds of 3.70.

💡 50/50 Total Sum Strategy

If you want a healthy 50% chance of winning your bet then the Total Sum bet is the one for you! Look at the previous results to see which Total Sums have come before. Some choose to follow the trend, but I prefer to go against it.

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💡 Average Total Count Strategy

To understand how this bet works, it's worth noting that the average count for yellow or black balls is 3 out of every seven. So decide if the count will be above or below the average to help you decide. 

The further away from the average count of 3 you bet on the higher the payout, and the closer to 3 you bet on, the smaller the payout. Under 3.5 balls is our favourite bet and a good strategy to use for this category.

💡 Safe Odd/Even Strategy

Some of these options are like a coin flip, where your chances of winning are 50% on average. The more specific bets you can place like "Number of the FIRST TWO balls dropped shall be EVEN" have a higher payout. The odds aren't great but I recommend betting on options with smaller odds like "Total Sum will be LESS than 150.5".

lulabet welcome bonus sport 300x250

How to win BetGames Lucky 7

The most consistent way to win BetGames Lucky 7 is to bet on Total Sums. Across the range of possible totals you can bet on, the only ones which are very unlikely to win are "More than 200.5" and "Less than 100.5". The rest are all solid Lucky 7 bets which will get you more than a few winners, sometimes even in a row if you're lucky enough!

betgames lucky 7 cctv camera

Where to play BetGames Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is available on all betting sites that have partnered with the BetGames provider. If your online bookmaker offers BetGames, it's almost guaranteed they will have Lucky 7 as these are the most popular of all the BetGames. 

lucky 7 social

We recommend playing Lucky 7 at any of the sites listed below, as they also offer a wide selection of BetGames plus loads more like Live Games, Casino Games, Slots, Sports Betting, Virtuals and Lucky Numbers.

➡️ Betway South Africa

➡️ Hollywoodbets

➡️ Sportingbet

➡️ Playabets

➡️ Gbets

➡️ PalaceBet


➡️ Sunbet (First Person only)

➡️ Supabets

betway casino bonus aviator and slots the gambler promotion bg

Read our complete BetGames guides for Hollywoodbets and Betway to learn more about playing these games online.

For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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