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How to Play the JetX Game on Hollywoodbets | This One Gives Aviator A Run For Its Money

You could say that Aviation games have been having their moment in the limelight of late with titles like Aviator and Bombs Away ranking among the most popular casino games with punters in South Africa Keeping up the momentum, Hollywoodbets recently went online with a brand-new flying game called JetX, similar to the Hollywoodbets Aviator game with an arcade-style look worth getting excited about!

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Below we explain where to find the JetX game on Hollywoodbets, how to play this exciting aviation title and offer some useful tips and strategies you can use to help you win.

What is JetX on Hollywoodbets and how does it work?

JetX is a product of SmartSoft Gaming and belongs to the same category of Cash Out games as Aviator. this new game also has relatively straightforward gameplay but a slightly different look and feel from Aviator.

The aim of the game in JetX is to take off from the ground and climb in your jet as the bet multiplier grows. The higher the jet flies without exploding, the more your potential payout increases! But if you don't hit the Cash Out button before the jet bursts into flames with a "BOOM" then your bet loses.

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So if you're an Aviator fan like most of us are, you're probably wondering if it's worthwhile playing the new JetX game on Hollywoodbets, and if so, what makes it more fun to play in comparison? 

For one thing, the graphics and soundtrack of JetX are more like an arcade game than Aviator which makes it more appealing to some players. In terms of gameplay and betting options, these two titles are very similar and it comes down to personal preference as to which one you prefer to play.

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Where to find the JetX game on Hollywoodbets

To play the JetX game on Hollywoodbets, the only thing you’ll need is a Hollywoodbets account. If you're not already a happy online customer, sign up here with Hollywoodbets to get started. You can currently only access the JetX game on the new Hollywoodbets site on mobile so make sure you're not logged into the old site before you start playing.

where to find the hollywoodbets jetx game

1️⃣ Visit the new Hollywoodbets site and log in to your account.

2️⃣ Scroll down the mobile menu and select "JetX".

3️⃣ Click on the "JetX" button to load the game and start playing.

JetX demo on Hollywoodbets

Watching a JetX demo like the one below is the best way to learn how to play JetX on Hollywoodbets or Betway. You can learn the rules of the game and see how the betting and features work for yourself before you start playing for real money.

Watch this video of us playing JetX on Hollywoodbets and see how it works

How to play the JetX game on Hollywoodbets (step by step)

1️⃣ Once the game screen has finished loading, you're ready to play.

2️⃣ To place a bet, there are two boxes available. Use either one to select your stake or click the arrow buttons to adjust your bet size. Betting starts from R1 and you can bet as much as R2000 per round. 

hollywoodbets jetx game bet box

3️⃣ Now click "Place Your Bet" to confirm your bet.

4️⃣ Wait for the next round to begin. 

5️⃣ Your jet will take off from the airport and fly straight up into the sky. The longer your jet flies in the sky, the bigger your multiplier gets and also your potential winnings. Hit the Cash Out at any time to get the multiplier applied to your stake and the winnings paid into your Hollywoodbets account. The trick is to Cash Out before your jet explodes because if you wait too long, it will go "BOOM" and your bet will lose. 

JetX Game Features

The JetX game on Hollywoodbets can be played automatically by toggling on the "Auto" button and setting your bet amount. You can also choose to Auto Cash Out once the Jet reaches your chosen multiplier by adjusting the multiplier in the "Collect" box and toggling on the "Auto" button.

hollywoodbets jetx game live chat

One unique JetX feature not available on Aviator is that when other players choose to Cash Out, you can see them parachuting from the jets as they fly away, so you know what your fellow players are up to.

hollywoodbets jetx game bet history

JetX tips and strategies

Although JetX is purely a game of chance, there are some JetX tips and strategies that can help improve their chances of winning or to get a better return on their bets. The key, like with most online betting games, is to choose a strategy and stick to it for a long enough time to see if can lead you to profit. 

Before we discuss some JetX strategies you can try, here are some basic suggestions to improve your overall playing strategy. Firstly, remember your goal is to Cash Out when you're ready. If you wait too long, your jet will crash, so it's up to you to hit the "Cash Out" button if you want to get paid out!

Secondly, we recommend withdrawing your winnings after a big win rather than pushing your luck too hard if you know you've been lucky.

Now, here are some practical JetX tips you can try to help you win:

1️⃣ Aim to double your money every time 

If you bet the same amount (e.g R10) on the 2x multiplier for every round, you simply need to win more times than you lose to make a profit. You might miss out on big wins using this JetX strategy but you'll win roughly half the times you play. 

2️⃣ Use the Auto Cash Out feature

By setting a bet multiplier target you won't have to rely on the reflexes of your fingers to Cash Out at the right time.

betway aviator south africa 300x250

3️⃣ Place two bets at once

This is a good way to hedge your bets and try two staking strategies on the same round. In the first bet box, set the multiplier under "Collect" to a low number, like 1.50x. In the second bet box, set the multiplier to a bigger number like 5x. The idea here is to play it relatively safe with one bet and take a bigger risk with the other. 

If both bets win, you'll be very happy but if only the small multiplier wins, then at least the loss from your second bet will be partly mitigated by your win on the first bet. Just remember there are no guarantees in this game and you could easily lose both bets no matter what kind of payout you're waiting for!

4️⃣ Stake high on small multipliers and stake low on big multipliers

This JetX strategy allows you to spread your risk more evenly and reduce the volatility of the game while still placing just one bet on each round.

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5️⃣ Try the Martingale strategy 

This is a trick that can only be used if you have a fairly big account balance. How it works is that you start by placing a small bet and then double the stake every time you lose. The idea is that every time you double up and win, you make back the amount you lose from the previous bet. But if you have a bad run of results, you can end up losing much more than you wanted to in the first place.

What is the biggest multiplier and max payout on JetX?

The biggest possible multiplier on JetX is 250,000x and the maximum Hollywoodbets payout is R2 million.

Is JetX better than Aviator on Hollywoodbets?

The JetX game on Hollywoodbets is very similar to Aviator apart from some minor aesthetic differences like the arcade-style graphics and the soundtrack. Otherwise, the mechanics and features of the two games are almost identical. 

In terms of features, Both JetX and Aviator have an Autoplay and Auto Cash Out function. You can also see past bet multiplier results as well as a leaderboard with past winners in both games. Another awesome shared feature across both games is the live chat function where you can discuss the game with your fellow players and see how they are doing.

hollywoodbets jetx game south africa 300x250

➡️ Visit Hollywoodbets and start playing the JetX game today!

For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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