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Sportingbet Edit My Bet | Change Your Bets After They've Already Been Placed

None of us likes living in regret, but thankfully we don't have to anymore. Because Sportingbet Edit My Bet allows you to change your selections after you've already hit the "Place Bet" button.

Below we run through how Edit My Bet works and how to use it on Sportingbet. If you don’t yet have a Sportingbet account then register here so you can start using this exciting sports betting feature!

sportingbet edit my bet

Edit My Bet is a useful feature on Sportingbet that allows you to add and remove selections as well as increase your stake and potential winnings. Read to learn how it works and how to use it!

What is Sportingbet Edit My Bet?

Edit My Bet gives you more control over your sports bets by allowing you to change any single or multibet that has Cash Out available. Now you won't have to place your bet and wait for the result. If you don’t like how your bet is going, then you can change it however you like! 

On the other hand, if you're feeling even more confident after the match has started, then you can also add selections or increase your stake to boost your potential winnings.

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to use the Sportingbet Edit My Bet feature

How does Sportingbet Edit My Bet work?

You can edit any bet where Cash Out is available and the outcome has not already been determined. Bets can be changed by adding, swapping or removing selections, as well as increasing your stake

If some selections within your multibet have already been settled, Edit My Bet can still be used as long as Cash Out is available. But if Cash Out is temporarily unavailable, Edit My Bet cannot be used either.

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How to use Sporting Edit My Bet

You will be able to edit your bets via the “My Bets” section of your Sportingbet account.

Here's how to do it:

1️⃣ Log in to Sportingbet and select "My Account".

sportingbet edit my bet menu

2️⃣ Select "My Bets".

sportingbet edit my bet my bets

3️⃣ Make sure the "Open Bets" tab is selected at the top of your betslip.

4️⃣ If you see the "Edit My Bet" button in the top right of your betslip, then the feature is available.

To begin editing, click the "Edit Bet" button on the bet you want to change and your bet will be temporarily placed in edit mode. You must save any changes you make before the new bet placement will be confirmed. 

Once saved, your new bet will be placed with all the changes you’ve made. If you do not save your changes, your existing bet will still run as normal and will be subject to changes in its Cash Out value, etc.

What can I change about my bet?


If you forgot to include one or more selections in your multibet, you can use the Sportingbet Edit My Bet feature to add teams to your existing bet.

How to do it: After clicking "Edit My Bet", your selections are moved to the Edit My Bet view. To add a selection to your bet, select the "Add Selection" button above the current selections in your bet. Now browse the sports menu and choose from any available selections. Make any selections and click "Add to Bet" to include these with your existing bet. To confirm, click "Save Changes and your new bet will be placed. 


Let's say for example that your team’s best player is out with an injury or is starting to look tired. You can swap this selection out for another bet you feel more confident in.

How to do it: After clicking "Edit My Bet", your selections are moved to the Edit My Bet view. To swap a selection, click the swap icon to the left of the selection you want to swap. Choose the selection you want to switch to and then click "Confirm". Once you're happy with the selections you've swapped, select "Save Changes".

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If your bet hasn't started well for any reason like your team conceding an early goal or red card, you can remove that selection from your multibet so the potential loss won’t affect your payout.

How to do it: After clicking "Edit My Bet", your selections are moved to the Edit My Bet view. To remove any selection, click the remove icon to the right of the selection you wish to remove. This will strike out the selection and your bet will be updated. Click "Save Changes" to confirm.


Feeling more confident than ever now that the team news is out? You can also use Sportingbet Edit My Bet to increase your stake and boost your potential winnings. 

How to do it:  After clicking "Edit My Bet", your selections are moved to the Edit Bet view. To increase your stake, click the "Add Stake" button alongside your current stake. Enter the amount you want to add to your bet then click "OK". You'll then come back to the Edit Bet view where you must click "Save Changes" to confirm.

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