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Supabets SupaNumbers Guide | How to Play Supabets Lotto and Lucky Numbers Online

Supabets have one of the best lucky numbers betting products in South Africa called SupaNumbers. Not only can you bet on a huge variety of local and international draws, but there are some really unique betting options available, such as predicting the numbers that will NOT be drawn!

Whether you're just looking for an easy place to bet on the SA Lotto online or want to play international draws like the UK 49'sRussia Gosloto or Greece Powerball, the options on Supabets Supanumbers are endless! 

supabets supanumbers

Want to start playing SupaNumbers right now? If you don’t already have a Supabets account, sign up here and get an awesome welcome bundle that includes a R50 Free bet, R5 000 Deposit Bonus and 100 Free Spins! 

Below you'll discover how to play Supabets Lotto and Lucky Numbers online. Learn everything from which lotteries are available to betting options and where to find all the latest results!

How to find SupaNumbers on the Supabets site

Finding your way to the SupaNumbers section of the Supabets site is easy. Just use the arrow to scroll through the carousel menu right at the top of your screen until you find the "SupaNumbers" tab. Click to launch the SupaNumbers page where all the popular lotteries are listed first. 

where to find supabets supanumbers

Get Your Greece Powerball Lucky Numbers

(Without the bonus ball)

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Which SA lotteries are available on Supabets SupaNumbers?

Supabets has all the SA lotto draws available to bet on whenever you like, wherever you are. Make your predictions with or without the bonus ball and on markets such as Classic, Odd/Even (Main Draw or Bonus Ball) and Crazy, where you must pick the numbers that WILL NOT come up!

Speaking of crazy, you'd be crazy to bet on the SA Lotto anywhere else because Supabets offers a fantastic range of betting options and huge payouts on winnings bets which are settled as soon as the draw is over.

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Supabets Lotto

Whichever SA lotto game you love to play online, they are all available at Supabets. Check out the SupaNumbers page and get your bets down on any upcoming lotto draws in South Africa.

You have more betting options available than playing on the official Lotto site and your payout won't be shared with anyone else no matter how many other winners there are!

supabets sa lotto

Play any of these SA Lotto games on Supabets:

🔢 SA Lotto

🔢 SA Daily Lotto

🔢 SA Lotto Plus 1

🔢 SA Lotto Plus 2

🔢 SA Powerball

🔢 SA Powerball Plus

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Which international lotteries are available on Supabets?

Just because you live in South Africa that doesn't mean that you can't play lotteries in countries as far away as Canada, Russia and Lithuania! Supabets SupaNumbers allows you to play them all, so you never have to miss out!

supabets supanumbers popular lotteries

In fact, if you're a keen Numbers player, there are enough lottery draws happening around the world to keep you busy all day and night!

Play any of these popular international lotteries on Supabets: 

🔢 Russia Gosloto (draws every 30 minutes!)

🔢 UK 49s (Teatime and Lunchtime)

🔢 USA Mega Millions

🔢 Greece Powerball

🔢 Irish Lotto and Daily Million

🔢 EuroJackpot 

🔢 German Lotto

🔢 French Lotto

🔢 Plus hundreds more!

SupaNumbers betting options

If you're looking for the most straightforward betting option, all Lucky Numbers games on Supabets have a Classic betting option where you must simply predict the numbers that will be drawn. 

supabets supanumbers make your selections

Supabets also offers many more betting options on selected lotteries, which include:

Classic (Inc. Bonus): Select your numbers for the Main Draw and Bonus Ball in the same drum. For these bets, you can either choose the numbers yourself or click "Quick Pick" to have them randomly selected for you.

Classic + Bonus: Select your numbers for the Main Draw and then predict the Bonus Ball. For these bets, you can either choose the numbers yourself or click "Quick Pick" to have them randomly selected for you.

Bonus: Predict the number of the Bonus Ball. For these bets, you can either choose the numbers yourself or click "Quick Pick" to have them randomly selected for you.

supabets supanumbers betslip

Odd/Even: Predict ALL the Main Draw numbers to be Odd or Even.

Bonus Odd/Even: Predict the Bonus Ball to be Odd or Even.

Bonus High/Low: Predict whether the Bonus Ball will be High or Low.

Order From 1st: Pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd balls to be drawn in the correct order. 

supabets supanumbers lotteries starting soon

First: Predict whether the first ball will be Odd/Even or High/Low.

Crazy: Predict which numbers WILL NOT come up in the draw! For these bets, you can either choose the numbers yourself or click "Quick Pick" to have them randomly selected for you.

High Low Duel: Predict whether more High or Low numbers will be drawn.

Bonus Ball Groups: Predict which group of numbers the Bonus Ball will belong to.

Get Your SA Daily Lotto Numbers

Click "Generate" to get your Lucky Numbers

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How to play Supabets SupaNumbers

To play SupaNumbers on Supabets you need to sign up for an online account. Once registered, you can bet on more than 1000 lotteries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia as well as North and South America.

supabets supanumbers homepage

The steps required for placing a bet on SupaNumbers will depend on which lottery and market you choose to play, but here's a basic guide:

1️⃣ Register or log in to Supabets.

2️⃣ Select ‘SupaNumbers’ from the menu at the top of your screen. You will need to click the arrow on the right-hand side to scroll until you see it.

3️⃣ Select the lottery you would like to bet on. If it's not near the top, you can search by the name of your preferred lottery or use the country filter.

4️⃣ Click to select the draw you want and then pick your numbers. You can either select your numbers manually or use the "Quick Pick" option to have them chosen randomly for you. For betting options other than "Classic", you may need to choose between Over/Under or Odd/Even instead of selecting your numbers. 

5️⃣ Click "Add to slip" after making your selections or "Clear Selections" to cancel your bets and start from the beginning.

6️⃣ Click "Betting Slip" in the bottom right corner to open your slip and see your SupaNumbers selections. 

7️⃣ Enter your stake in the box provided and click "Place Your Bets" to confirm.

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Play SupaBillions for even bigger jackpots!

There are lotteries available on Supabets with massive jackpots up to R5 billion called SupaBillions! These big-paying lotteries cost around R70 per line but you can also play for as little as R5 for a smaller jackpot.

supabets supabillions lotteries

Read more about Supabets SupaBillions and the massive jackpots you stand to win! 

SupaNumbers results and Supabets Lotto results

To get your SupaNumbers results today, you can see all the draw results as well as hot and cold numbers. Make it easier to find what you're looking for by using the filter to search by lottery name or date. Check back on the Supanumbers results page and you'll never miss any Supabets lotto results or Supabets lotto payouts!

supabets supanumbers results

Supabets Lotto Predictions

For tips on how to make your Supabets lotto predictions, read this article which explains different methods you can use to pick your numbers, plus how to use our Lucky Numbers Generator and our Lucky Numbers Dream Guide.

Get Your UK 49s Lucky Numbers

Your bonus ball is the number below on the bottom right

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Horoscope Lucky Numbers and Birthday Numbers

There are a few more interesting ways you can make your selections when betting on the UK 49s in South Africa. Try using your Birthday Lucky Numbers which say a lot about you and can be extremely lucky! But if you'd rather look to the stars for answers, your Horoscope Lucky Numbers might be your best bet.

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For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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