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Soccer Betting Tips and Strategies to Help You Win and Make More Money

It’s the weekend, and you're spoilt for choice with international leagues and games to bet on. In the end, you take a 10-leg accumulator of bets that all seem like a sure thing. With just one leg left to win your bet, a late goal ruins your chances of winning thousands of Rands. Heartbreak!

This is the recurring story for so many soccer punters but it doesn't have to be...

By following some of the betting strategies we outline below you can win more bets, minimise your losses and find your way to long-term profit from betting on soccer. Ready? Here we go!

Soccer Betting Tips

The first rule to remember is to always have a strategy. If you don't follow any type of pattern in your betting you are doomed for failure because it's impossible to see where you're going if you aren't winning.

Even for beginners, things like sport and market specialisation, bankroll management and proper betting research are the only way to better your chances of beating the bookmakers!

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Once you get the basics we cover in this article right, you can put your trust in the process and the rest will take care of itself. What does that mean?

Although winning and losing always matters, you need to trust you're doing the right thing and be patient enough to ride out the ups and downs that come with online sports betting. Doing the right thing is all about sticking to your strategy, keeping a cool head and not chasing your losses.

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When you start thinking of sports betting like investing, then you'll find it much easier not to behave irrationally and do anything crazy to jeopardise all the hard work you've put in.

Here are some important skills you can hone to become a more profitable sports bettor:

Learn bankroll management

By far the most important skill to master in online sports betting is bankroll management. This simply means spending only what you can afford to, and not putting too much faith or money into one bet.

The easiest way to manage your bankroll (betting funds or bank) is to decide how much you want to spend each week or month and not allow yourself to deposit more once you've reached your limit.

If you don't trust yourself enough to stick to your allocated budget, many bookmakers will set these limits for you on your account. You can change or remove these deposit/loss limits, but there's usually a waiting or "cool-off" period of a few days.

Once you know the amount of your bankroll, you must then decide how much you will stake on each bet. The best way to divide up your bankroll depends on what kinds of bets you like to place.

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If you only bet on singles, a level-stakes strategy where you wager the same amount on each bet is probably your best option. A good strategy here is to keep the odds you bet on relatively similar, say odds of between 5/10 and 2/1. If you have R500 to bet each week, you might decide to place five single bets for R100 each.

If you also play multibets and system bets, it's better to choose your stake based on what kinds of odds you get. For example, it makes sense to bet R500 on Manchester United to beat West Ham at odds of 8/10, but betting R500 on a 10-leg accumulator with odds of 200/1 is playing a dangerous game.

For these kinds of longshot bets with much bigger odds, choose a smaller stake of say R1, R5 or R10 because your chance of winning is relatively low. The reason we recommend this strategy is that even if you stake a small amount on a bet of 200/1, your payout will still be big and you won't be risking very much money.

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Do your research

Aside from bankroll management, another important skill to learn is how to do player and team research. It's easy to find results, statistics and much more online. Decide which of this information is most important to you and use it to inform your betting.

Data widely available on various bookmaker sites and other online resources include previous results, head to head stats, team lineups, injuries, and more granular statistics such as team possession and shots on target.

Go with what you know

It's tempting to bet on absolutely everything because the odds are available. But the more focused you are on one or two leagues or sports, the better your chances of winning. Getting a feel for a particular sport and knowing how a team will lineup against their opponents are all betting clues that only come with experience.

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If you spread yourself thin and bet on too many sports and leagues, you won't become familiar enough with any of them to have an advantage. Specialise in just one or two leagues and select only a few different betting markets. Narrowing your focus makes it easier to see betting value in the odds when it comes around.

Keep a detailed record

Nobody can learn from their mistakes if they don't remember what went wrong. The same goes for online sports betting. By keeping a recording of all your bets, you can go back and see how you've been doing—what's working and what's not.

We recommend keeping a financial record of your deposits and withdrawals to track your profit/loss record. Also, make a note of your individual bets including your stake and the odds for each bet you won or lost. You can use this information to tweak your betting strategy when things aren't working or to double down on the bets that are.

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Use Deposit Bonuses and other promotions

Deposit bonuses or welcome offers can be a useful tool to make more money with your bets. Many online bookmakers in South Africa double your first deposit with a bonus, which significantly boosts your bankroll. Use these sign up offers to your advantage by increasing the amount of money you have to spend and potentially win without depositing more. Check out these soccer promotions and features available at Betway.

Promotions available at various bookmakers like Odds Boosts and Money Back Specials can also help you to make more profit when you win and lose less money when your bet doesn't work out.

Also use features like Cash Out, Bet Builders and Multibet Bonuses to give you more control over your bets.

Avoid Betting Tipsters

Betting tipsters are fraudsters which you shouldn't take seriously. These guys are just trying to make a quick buck and usually don't have any skills or special information which can help you. There's no harm in following some free tips on Twitter or Facebook but never pay for tips because winning is never guaranteed.

Always keep learning

Becoming better at online sports betting is a process and there are always new things to learn. There are no shortcuts. The only way to keep improving is to do as much reading as possible and try to learn from other punters with more experience.

Also check out our article looking at the best soccer betting sites in South Africa.

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The best way to improve your online sports betting is to visit the Betting Guide homepage where you'll find more helpful articles on tried-and-tested betting strategies as well as bookmaker reviews, promotions and more. 

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