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Super Sic Bo Guide | How to Play This Exciting Dice Game Online in South Africa

Super Sic Bo is a twist on this ancient dice game by Evolution, which is made more rewarding with random multipliers of up to 1000x in every round! The objective of the game is to predict the roll of three standard six-sided dice

Your betting options in Super Sico Bo range from simple to complex and the number of different bets you can make is a big draw factor in this game. With the chance for multipliers to hit in any round, Super Sic Bo is your favourite dice game on steroids!

Learn how to play Super Sic Bo with our step-by-step walkthrough and video demonstration plus get tips and strategies to help you win.

Super Sic Bo Online

You can play Super Sic Bo online at many betting sites in South Africa. Simply visit the Live Games lobby and look through the icons for the title. Most online bookmakers with Live Games and Casino Games from Evolution have Super Sic Bo available on their site.

Super Sic Bo Live

Super Sic Bo Live is a live-dealer version of this ancient Asian dice game streamed from a studio like other Evolution Live games such as Deal or No DealMega Ball 100xLightning Roulette and Gonzo's Treasure Hunt.

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Super Sic Bo Live is an easy game, which you can learn to play very quickly. What makes it even more fun to play than standard Sic Bo is the live studio environment, huge range of betting options and multipliers that can help you win up to 1000x your bet!

How to play Super Sic Bo

If you haven't played before, you might be wondering how Sic Bo works? Well, the rules and mechanics for how to play Super Sic Bo are very simple. What makes the game a little more complicated are the many betting options, which we'll get to a bit later in this guide.

To win Super Sic Bo, simply predict the outcome of the three dice by placing bets on which numbers or combinations of numbers will come up.

Super Sic Bo Demo

When playing Super Sic Bo, here's how the action unfolds in every round:

1️⃣ After launching the Super Sic Bo game, the betting grid appears at the bottom of your screen along with the various chip denominations you can use to place bets. 

2️⃣ As soon as the current round is over, the top of the betting grid turns green, indicating it's time to place your bets. 

3️⃣ Place a bet by clicking or tapping a chip and then selecting a bet spot on the grid.

4️⃣ After 18 seconds of betting, the top of the grid will turn red and all bets are closed. 

5️⃣ Next, random bet spots are highlighted showing the multiplied payouts. If you bet successfully on any of these spots your payout is increased by the multiplier shown. 

6️⃣ The game then begins with a glass dome containing three dice shaking until they settle down to rest on one side. Whichever number is showing at the end is the outcome of each dice. 

7️⃣ Bets are paid according to the stated odds and the next round begins!

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Super Sic Bo Betting and Odds

To learn how to play Super Sic Bo it's important first to understand the betting grid and what it means. There are many different kinds of bets you can place on Super Sic Bo and each has its own payout.

What makes Super Sic Bo unique when compared to the standard game are the multipliers randomly applied to certain bet types. These do not include Small/Big or Odd/Even bets where a win always pays odds of 1/1.

The more specific the bet, the higher your Super Sic Bo payout. The biggest odds are for a Triple bet which pays out at 150/1 and requires the outcome of all three dice to show the same number you predict.

Super Sic Bo Payouts 

Let’s take a look at the various Super Sic Bo bets you can place:

🔢 Small/Big: Predict the total of the three dice. Bet on small for a total of 4-10 or big for an outcome of 11-17. Your bet loses if any triple is rolled. (Win pays odds of 1/1)

🔢 Odd/Even: Bet on whether the total of the three dice combined will be odd or even. Your bet loses if any triple is rolled. (Win pays odds of 1/1)

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🔢 Totals: Predict the exact total when the three dice are combined and excludes 3 and 18. These bets are paid according to odds stated on the grid.

🔢 Single: Bet on the outcome of one of the three dice. The more dice that show the number you bet on, the higher your payout: 

🎲 If 1 out of 3 dice shows the number you bet on, your win pays odds of 1/1.

🎲 If 2 out of 3 dice shows the number you bet on, your win pays odds of 2/1.

🎲 If 3 out of 3 dice shows the number you bet on, your win pays odds of 3/1.

🔢 Double: Predict that two out of three dice will show the same number. Even if all three dice are the same, your payout doesn't change. (Win pays odds of 8/1) 

🔢 Combination: Place your bet on one or more two-dice combinations. (Wins pay odds of 5/1)

🔢 Any Triple: Predict that all three dice will have the same number, but you don't have to predict which one. (Win pays odds of 30/1)

🔢 Specific Triple: Predict that all three dice will have the same number. To win, all three dice must have the number you chose. (Win pays odds of 150/1).

🔢 Only Specific Triple bets can give you a 1000x multiplier, which is the jackpot of Super Sic Bo!

Super Sic Bo RTP

The Return To Player percentage for Super Sic Bo is 97.22% for bets on Odd/Evenor Big/Small and at least 95.02% for other bets. 

Learn more about RTP in casino games and how it works.

Super Sic Bo Tips and Strategies

Depending on how much risk you're willing to take, Super Sic Bo tips and strategies can range from using techniques for staying in the game longer to maximising your potential return by betting on the highest odds every time.

The many possible outcomes while playing Super Sic Bo Live makes employing betting strategies interesting and you'll have lots of fun looking at results and patterns while playing, and using these to inform your bets.

Once you've got your strategy down, we recommend using the Repeat Button on the game's interface to place the same bet over and over again, without having to manually move chips onto the betting grid each time.

💡 Tip #1

Split your stake evenly between a risky bet like a Double or Combination and an "insurance" bet on something like Big/Small or Odd/Even. Your insurance bet will win roughly half the time and cover the cost of your riskier bets.

💡 Tip #2

Place a Combination bet at odds of 5/1 and then another bet on a number not covered by the Combination. For example, bet on a Combination of 2&6 as well as 4 as a Single number.

💡 Tip #3

Include your favourite number in all your bets. For example, place a bet on every option that contains the number 3 including Singles, Totals, Doubles, Triples and Combinations. All these bet types qualify for multipliers, so you'll have a better chance of winning big!

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💡 Tip #4

Random multipliers are only applied to bets with bigger odds than EVS. For a Super Sic Bo big win, take a Specific Triple bet for the chance to win up to 1000x your stake.

💡 Tip #5

Take Combination bets at odds of 5/1 which are medium risk and medium return. The nature of these bets means they can easily come in more often than the odds suggest and get you well ahead if you have a good run.

💡 Tip #6

Bet on high-paying Totals which don't require you to get specific dice but still pay big. For example, a Total of 4 pays at odds of 50/1 as does a Total of 17.

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Where can I play Super Sic Bo?

Super Sic Bo is available at most online betting sites which offer Evolution Live Games. Register with any of these top bookmakers in South Africa and start playing today!

➡️ Betway South Africa (R1 000 First Deposit Bonus)

➡️ Hollywoodbets (50 Free Spins + R25 Free Bet)

➡️ Sportingbet (R1 000 First Deposit Bonus + 20 Free Spins)

➡️ Playabets (R1 000 First Deposit Bonus)

➡️ Gbets (R1 000 First Deposit Bonus)

➡️ (R2 000 First Deposit Bonus - Use Code BETG100)

➡️ PalaceBet (3x Deposit Bonuses worth up to R6000)

➡️ Supabets (R50 Free Bet)

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