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Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live | Walkthrough and Player's Guide For Beginners

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt is the first-ever casino game to bring together Live and slots-style gameplay. In this exciting new game from Evolution, you'll join the jolly Spanish explorer Gonzo on a quest to find hidden treasure in an ancient world reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt feels a bit like a bonus round from your favourite slot game come to life. Featuring the same loveable character from Gonzo's Quest, you must find the lost treasure of El Dorado in a giant wall of 70 stones.

While treasure hunts will be familiar to fans of the slot game Gonzo's Quest, a stand-out feature of this Live version is that Gonzo comes to life as an augmented reality character (like Mr. Monopoly in Monopoly Live) and joins you in the search.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is now available at BetwayHollywoodbets and other bookmakers in South Africa, so let's walk you through how to play the game.

How to play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

To win Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, you need to place a bet on a stone and then find that treasure in the game. If your pick reveals the same stone you bet on, you'll receive the associated cash prize for that position on the wall.

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Your payout is determined by your stake, the stone you choose, plus any bonuses and multipliers you get along the way!

Like in most Live Games, your first step is to place some bets for the next round before it begins. In Gonzo's Treasure Hunt, the betting is a bit more complicated than some other games but you'll get the hang of it soon!

Watch this video for a step-by-step demo on how to play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

1️⃣ Select your stones

Each of the six coloured stones available has a different payout value (1x, 2x, 4x, 20x and 65x). The more valuable the stone, the less likely it is to appear, but the bigger your payout will be if you find it. 

To get started, select a coin denomination at the bottom of your screen and then click the stones to place bets on the various multipliers.

2️⃣ Buy picks

When betting on the stones, hand icons also appear which let you decide how many chances you'd like to find your treasure. Buy anywhere between 1 and 20 guesses (picks) depending on how much you want to spend.

For each pick you have, you can select one stone on the wall during the treasure hunt. The more picks you have, the better your chances of finding your stone, but the more expensive your treasure hunt will be.

Refer to the table below for the payout structure in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt:

Your total bet size per round in Gonzo's Treasure Hunt is determined by how many coins you place on the six available stones as well as how many picks you buy. For example, if you bet R2 on one stone and R4 on another, for 3 picks your total bet size would be (2+4)x3= R18.

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3️⃣ Treasure Hunt

Now it's time for the treasure hunt! All stones on the wall are shuffled and their values are hidden. Dig for treasure by selecting stones on the wall. You can select as many stones as the number of picks you bought.

If you don’t choose where to dig on the wall in the allocated time, the system will place your picks randomly for you.

4️⃣ Prize Drop

Gonzo starts the prize drop by turning the big golden key. Up to seven prizes will fall from the top of the game table and stop at randomly selected stones. These prizes can be bonuses, multipliers or re-drops.

Prize drops can increase the value of any stone by up to 20 000x. There's a chance that no prizes will drop at all which can seriously hurt your chances of winning big!

Bonus prizes: These add value to the hidden stones of between 3 and 100 each time.

Multipliers: Multipliers from 2x to 10x may also drop down, multiplying everything on the wall.

Prize re-drop: This symbol triggers a new round of prize drops to further increase the value of stones with bonuses and multipliers.

5️⃣ The big reveal!

The wall is flipped over to reveal the values of all the stones beneath, starting with 1x and ending with 65x. Each stone that matches the one you bet on will win you the associated cash prize. If you find a stone that received a bonus, it will be added to your payout.

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Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Tips and Strategies

Any strategy around playing Gonzo's Treasure Hunt is a matter of balancing the value of the stones you select with the number of guesses (picks) you choose to have. The more you have of either the better your chances of winning but the bigger your total bet size will need to be. 

Ultimately, the way you choose to play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt comes down to whether you want to have a big chance of winning small or a small chance of winning big—it's really up to you!

Our one piece of advice though is to spend more money on picks than stones. The reason we say this is because the more guesses you have, the easier it will be to get a bonus or multiplier.

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Play Gonzo's Treasure Hunt in South Africa

Soon all bookmakers that offer Evolution games will have Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt available in their online casino. In the meantime, enjoy playing this exciting new game at any of these top online betting sites in South Africa:

➡️ Betway South Africa (R1 000 First Deposit Bonus)

➡️ Hollywoodbets (50 Free Spins + R25 Sign Up Free Bet)

➡️ Sportingbet (R1 000 First Deposit Bonus + 20 Free Spins)

➡️ PalaceBet (3x Deposit Bonuses worth up to R6000)

➡️ Gbets (R1000 First Deposit Bonus)

➡️ Supabets (R50 Sign Up Free Bet)

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Conclusion

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt is very different from any other Live Games we've played before. The way it combines the usual elements of Live Games with slots-style gameplay and augmented reality is very impressive. The game's complexity can be off-putting to new players, but once you get the hang of it you'll appreciate how multi-faceted it is.

The nature of Gonzo's Treasure Hunt allows each player to have a unique experience based on their choice of stones, how many picks they buy and where they decide to dig for treasure. So much so, that even the stone wall players see on screen is unique to them and entirely dependent on the choices they make within the game!

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