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Which is the Easiest Lottery to Win in South Africa? | The Answer Might Surprise You

Have you ever wondered which is the easiest lottery to win in South Africa? Let's start by saying that no lottery is easy to win no matter where or how you choose to play, but the information we're about to share with you in this article still might surprise you, so keep reading to find out more!

When it comes to buying physical lottery tickets in the shops or playing on sites like Ithuba National Lottery, some games are easier to win than others. There are several reasons for one lottery draw being easier to win than another that include, among others, the number of players who have bought a ticket.

Other contributing factors which affect the odds of winning include the total number of balls in the drum (number range) as well as the number of balls which are selected as part of the main draw. Some lotteries also include a bonus ball which also affects your chances of winning, the degree to which depends on whether the bonus ball is selected separately or as part of the main draw.

For these reasons and others not mentioned here, the odds of winning the top prize or even a small dividend in any lottery can vary greatly from one game to the next.

In order from easiest to hardest to win, these are the odds of winning the world's most popular lotteries and their payouts:

MINI Lotto (Poland)1 in 850,668R5 million
Austrian Lotto1 in 8,145,060R16.9 million
Irish Lotto1 in 10,737,573R33.8 million
Polish Lotto1 in 13,983,816R7.2 million
French Lotto1 in 19,068,840R33.8 million
SA Lotto1 in 20,358,520R1 million
Quina (Brazil)1 in 24,040,016R1.6 million
SA PowerBall1 in 42,375,200R3 million
Lotto x51 in 45,057,474R1 million
Mega-Sena (Brazil)1 in 50,063,860R9.6 million
EuroJackpot GO!1 in 95,344,200R305 million
6/49 GO!1 in 139,838,160R17 million
German Lotto1 in 139,838,160R74.5 million
EuroJackpot1 in 139,838,160R170 million
EuroMillions1 in 139,838,160R288 million
US PowerBall1 in 292,201,338R333 million
US MegaMillions1 in 302,575,350R333 million
SuperLotto1 in 622,614,630R33.8 million

The odds of winning increase when you play with a bookie!

But here's the part you'll be excited to hear – every lottery is easier to win when you play with a fixed-odds bookmaker online in South Africa! With a wide range of betting options available on sites like Betway and Hollywoodbets, playing with a bookmaker lets you decide how much risk to take and you'll be rewarded accordingly if you win your bet! 

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For example, you can increase your chances of winning a cash prize in any lottery by choosing to predict just 1 number instead of all 5 or 6 in the draw. Other online Lotto betting options available on the best Lucky Numbers betting sites involve predicting various 50/50 outcomes such as Odd/Even or Over/Under for the Draw Sum and Bonus Ball which are not available when playing in-store or buying tickets online.

Another big advantage of betting on the Lotto with an online bookmaker is that you'll never have to share your winnings with other winners because your bets are based on fixed odds and do not contribute to a prize pool. So no matter how many other players pick the same winning numbers as you, the potential return displayed on your betslip is 100% guaranteed to payout in full if you win!

The moral of the story

Lottery companies like Ithuba want you to buy physical tickets to play their games, but in reality, it doesn't make sense to do so as a player. Not only are your chances of winning much better when playing the Lotto with an online bookmaker such as Betway or Hollywoodbets because of the diverse range of betting options available, but there are many more international lotteries to choose from!

Best Lotto betting sites in South Africa

For the widest range of lottery games with betting options for draws from far and wide, these are the top-rated Lotto betting sites in South Africa: 

➡️ Betway South Africa

➡️ Hollywoodbets

➡️ Lulabet

➡️ YesPlay

Want to know when all the biggest lottery draws are happening around the world? Check out these Lotto draw times to find out more.

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For more about online sports betting, casino games and lotteries in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage to find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more.

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