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How to Use PalaceBet Cash Out | Online Sports Betting The Way You Want It To Be

Cash Out is one of the most useful features any sports bettor can have in their armoury. When timed correctly, it gives you the ability to recover some of your stake in a losing bet or can help ensure you make a profit from a winning bet even if the final outcome doesn't go your way. 

PalaceBet has a fantastic Cash Out feature available on their site which gives you more options exactly when you need them. PalaceBet Cash Out is available on Pre-Match and In-Play single and multibets across a variety of sports including soccer, tennis, cricket, rugby and more.

Register with PalaceeBet now and start playing online sports betting the way you want it to be!

Read below how to use PalaceBet Cash Out which allows you to fully or partially conclude your sports bets, giving you maximum control over when and how much you win.

How does PalaceBet Cash Out work?

Use PalaceBet Cash Out to get paid out before your bet reaches its natural conclusion, but remember that once you Cash Out you can't win or lose any more money than you have up to that point. 

How PalaceBet Cash Out works is that you'll be offered a Cash Out value for your bet based on the current odds. If your single or multibet is doing well and the current odds are lower than the ones you took, then the Cash Out value offered to you will be higher than your original stake. 

palacebet cash out example

However, if your bet is losing at the time you choose to Cash Out, then the Cash Out value offered to you will be lower than your original stake. 

So you're not always guaranteed to make a profit when you Cash Out but it can save you from losing all your money on a bet. Similarly, it help ensure you make some profit from a winning bet without having to risk your money right until the final whistle blows. 

betway cash out sports betting

Full Cash Out vs Partial Cash Out

When you Cash Out a bet completely (Full Cash Out), your bet is over and the Cash Out value is paid immediately to your PalaceBet account.

However, if you choose to use Partial Cash Out, a portion of your bet is paid back into your online account and the remainder of your stake is left to run its course.

When to use PalaceBet Cash Out

When to use PalaceBet Cash Out depends very much on your betting strategy, but there are two main reasons to use it. The first is to get some money back from a losing bet. Cashing out a bet that is going badly can save you from losing all your money, but dont leave it too late! 

The second reason to use PalaceBet Cash Out is to lock in some profit from a winning bet if you think the final outcome won't be good for you. Sometimes bets that are going your way can quickly turn around and you might end up losing. Cashing out while your bet is winning will ensure you get more money back than what you staked in the first place. 

How to use PalaceBet Full Cash Out

1️⃣ Register and login to PalaceBet.

2️⃣ Place a single or multibet.

3️⃣ Click the profile button in the top right of your screen.

4️⃣ Select "Open Bets".

5️⃣ If your bet is available for Cash Out, it will appear here with the Cash Out value shown.

6️⃣ Click the "Cash Out" button.

7️⃣ Click "Confirm" to get your payout.

palacebet casino games max payout 1300x160

How to use PalaceBet Partial Cash Out

1️⃣ Register and login to PalaceBet.

2️⃣ Place a single or multibet.

3️⃣ Click the profile button in the top right of your screen.

4️⃣ Select "Open Bets".

5️⃣ If your bet is available for Cash Out, it will appear here with the Cash Out value shown.

6️⃣ Enable the Cash Out slider (the icon to the right of the Cash Out button).

7️⃣ Choose the amount you wish to Cash Out (The remainder of your stake will run its course).

PalaceBet Cash Out Terms and Conditions

➡️Cash Out and Partial Cash Out is not available on System bets, Forecast bets or Tricast bets.

➡️ Cash Out Terms are linked to the PalaceBet Terms and Conditions. By registering, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Any capitalized terms used herein which are not defined shall take their meaning from the Terms & Conditions.

➡️ Partial Cash Out shall only be available where the full Cash Out offer for the bet subject of the Partial Cash Out is greater than twice the minimum bet amount permitted for that bet.

➡️ The minimum Partial Cash Out amount is equal to the minimum bet permitted for that specific bet.

➡️ The maximum Partial Cash Out amount shall be the full Cash Out amount minus the minimum bet amount permitted for that specific selection.

➡️ When a Customer undertakes a Partial Cash Out, the remaining bet amount (the initial bet amount minus the Partial Cash Out Amount) is placed as a new bet at the odds current at the time of the Partial Cash Out.

easybet sign up bonus r50 betting guide banner

➡️ Multibets, placed together with System Bets via the 'Combo’ tab, cannot be the subject of a Cash Out.

➡️ In the case of a Partial Cash Out of a Multibet, where one or more of the lines has already been settled, the new bet is placed on the remaining open lines at the current odds.

➡️ We provide no guarantee that the Cash Out facility will be available for a specific market or Customer. PalaceBet reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disable the Cash Out facility at any stage.

➡️ Cash Out offers are available only within a specific time frame - any changes in the price or market during this time may result in a new Cash Out offer or in the suspension/removal of the Cash Out facility.

➡️ Cashed Out bets will be considered and shown as settled - the outcome of the final market is not correlated with the bet settlement.

➡️ Cash Out cannot be used on Free Bets.

➡️ Cashed Out bets shall not contribute to meeting the rollover requirements of any Sports promotion.

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