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Mega Ball Guide | How to Play Mega Ball in South Africa and Win

Mega Ball 100x is a fun and fast Live Casino game offered by many of the best online betting sites in South Africa like Hollywoodbets and Betway South Africa. This bingo-style lottery game is fast gaining popularity and was developed by Evolution Gaming, the same software provider that created excellent games like Crazy Time, Lightning Roulette and Gonzo's Treasure Hunt.

Read below all about Mega Ball 100x—learn what it is, how it works and how to play this exciting game, even if you've never seen it before!

What is Mega Ball 100x?

Mega Ball 100x combines the game of Bingo and some elements of Keno with a lucky draw. The aim of the game is to match the cards you buy with the 20 balls drawn from the drum. The more balls you match the better your chance of completing a line, and the more lines you get, the bigger your payout.

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How to play Mega Ball 100x

At the start of each round of Mega Ball 100x you select how many cards you want to buy for the draw and how much you want to spend on each one. There are 24 numbers on each card with 5 horizontal and 5 vertical lines (the centre square is left blank). 

You can choose to spend anywhere from R2 to R1 000 per card depending on how much you want to bet. The more lines you get on any card (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) the bigger your payout.

Think of the card value as your stake. The amount you choose to spend on a card is how much you're betting on that card to contain winning lines. You must buy at least one card to play and 200 is the maximum number of cards you can buy for any round of Mega Ball 100x.

Once bets are closed, the draw starts and 20 random balls are drawn from a set of 51, each numbered between 1 and 51. The numbers on your cards must match the balls drawn. To win, the matched numbers on any of your cards must form at least one complete line of five numbers

How much you win playing Mega Ball 100x is determined by your bet size (card value) and the number of lines you get. If you have a card with multiple completed lines of drawn numbers, you'll get a bigger payout.

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During the game, the numbers you need to win are shown above the cards together with your potential winnings if they are drawn. After the initial 20 balls, the final ball drawn is the Mega Ball. Your host will spin a slot with multipliers ranging from 5x to 100x.

Whichever number it lands on is the multiplier for the Mega Ball. If the Mega Ball completes a line on any card, your winnings are multiplied by that number

The Mega Ball can complete any number of different lines on your cards, so the potential to win big is huge! If you're lucky, a second Mega Ball is drawn where you have another chance of a multiplied payout!

Mega Ball 100x Payouts

Your Mega Ball 100x payout will depend on how many cards you buy, the value of your cards, and the size of the Mega Ball multiplier. Then it's all about how many lines you get on your cards horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The more lines you complete containing five numbers on your cards, the more money you win

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You only need to get one line for the minimum payout (1x your bet) and six or more lines will give you the maximum payout of 10 000x your stake. 

The following payouts apply to Mega Ball 100x:

🤑 1 line = 1x your bet

🤑 2 lines = 5x your bet

🤑 3 lines = 50x your bet

🤑 4 lines = 250x your bet

🤑 5 lines = 1 000x your bet

🤑 6 lines = 10 000x your bet

For example, if you buy a card for R10 and get 2 lines in a round of Mega Ball, you'll win R50 (5x your bet). But if you complete two lines with a Multiplier of 20x, you'll win R10 (card value) x 5 (the payout for 2 lines) x 20 (the random multiplier) = R1 000.

The Multiplier Bonus payout is in addition to anything you've already won from the previous 20 drawn balls.

How to play Mega Ball 100x

1️⃣ Launch Mega Ball: Go to the Live Casino section of your favourite bookmaker and click on Mega Ball 100x (Evolution Gaming). You'll enter the live studio where the Mega Ball game is hosted by a live presenter.

2️⃣ Select your Card Amount and Value: At the bottom of your screen, you can adjust the card value (Min R2, Max R2 000). This is the amount you want to bet on each card. Buy at least one card to play (Max 200).

3️⃣ 20 balls are drawn: The machine draws 20 balls from the hopper. If a drawn ball matches a number on any of your cards, it gets covered. If five numbers are covered in a row in any direction, that counts as a line. The more lines you get on each card, the more money you win.

4️⃣ Multiplier is set: A big wheel spins with all the possible multiplier bonuses. Whichever number it stops at is the multiplier (Min 5x, Max 100x).

5️⃣ Mega Ball is drawn: If the Mega Ball covers a number to complete one or more lines, your winnings are multiplied by the bonus amount.

6️⃣ Bets are settled: If you have any winning lines, all bets are settled and your account balance is adjusted.

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Mega Ball Tips and Betting Strategies

Mega Ball 100x is mainly a game of luck. The only two things in your control are how much you bet (card value) and how many chances you have to win (card amount).

Depending on your betting style, you'll either want to bet big on fewer cards or bet small on multiple cards. Here are some Mega Ball tips to help you win.

💡 Watch the game before you start playing

We always recommend sitting on the sidelines for a few rounds of any game to see how the betting works. Not only will have a better idea of how the game works in practice, but you also might think up a good strategy!

💡 Decide your budget per round

Choose how much you want to spend on each round of Mega Ball 100x before setting your card amount and card value. You'll want to make it worthwhile when you win but also have enough cards in play to increase your chance of winning. We suggest you don't buy more than 10 cards at a time.

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💡 Play more rounds and fewer cards

There are more ways to win when you have more cards, but the Return to Player percentage is higher when you buy one card—95.40%. When you buy more than one card, the RTP drops to 95.05%. So play fewer cards to win more in the long run.

Learn more about RTP in casino games and how it works.

💡 Play more rounds and fewer cards

You can win a maximum of 100,000x your bet per card. So never bet more than R100 per card because if you hit a 100x Mega Ball there's a chance you won't win the full amount due. Betting more than R100 per card is a waste of money.

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First Person Mega Ball 100x

You can also play First Person Mega Ball 100x which is a simulated version of the game. The betting options are all the same but there's no live presenter and you can play at your own pace. 

First Person Mega Ball 100x only starts once you’ve made all your bets and hit the play button. It’s not as exciting as the live version of Mega Ball 100x but is ideal for punters who want to bet at their own pace.

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But that’s a small price to pay for the chance to win big! We highly recommend checking out Mega Ball 100x if you're into Bingo, Keno, BetGames or Lucky Numbers.

Where to play Mega Ball in South Africa

Mega Ball 100x is available at most online bookmakers in South Africa which offer Evolution Live Casino Games. 

Some of the best legal and licensed betting sites in South Africa offering Mega Ball 100x include: 

➡️ Hollywoodbets

➡️ Betway South Africa

➡️ Sportingbet


➡️ PalaceBet

➡️ Gbets

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For more about online sports betting and casinos in South Africa, visit the Betting Guide homepage where you can find bookmaker reviews, promotions, betting tips and more. 

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